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"Listen to the Wind"

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  • Barbara Bailey
    ** ** *April 2008* *After the Gathering of the Grandmothers in Laguna Beach, I went to the Grandmothers to thank them for the joy, the expansion and the deep
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      April 2008
      After the Gathering of the Grandmothers in Laguna Beach, I went to the Grandmothers to thank them for the joy, the expansion and the deep connection to God the Mother we experienced during the Gathering. Then I asked them a question. "Grandmothers," I said, "You have brought us a long way on this journey with you, your message is spreading everywhere now and there are many who are eager to work with you. As we go forward at this moment in time," I said, "what would you like to tell us?"
      Barely taking the time to draw breath, the Grandmothers replied, "Our message is universal and unlimited. It is not confined to any one arena, religion or culture. Therefore it is right for our message to be spreading over the earth, for we are present everywhere on earth. We love and embrace all people, all animals and all forms of life. We have told you many times," they said, "that now is the time for the return of the Great Mother, and we, the Grand Mothers, have come to usher her in."
      Then they turned to me, and said with feeling, "Do not waste your time any more, dilly-dallying along the edges of life. You have done that for far too long." I looked up at them in surprise. " Dilly-dallying?" I thought, "me?" I wouldn't describe myself like this and couldn't help wondering what they meant, but the Grandmothers waved their hands at me in dismissal and said, "We are not only speaking to you, but to everyone." However, from the look in their eyes I saw that their statement was as much for me as for anyone.
      "It is time to plunge into life," they continued, again waving their hands, "to once and for all commit yourself to love, and commit yourself to one another," they added. "You are one family after all," they said, smiling happily "and since we are the Grand Mothers of this family, we want to see our family happy." After they said this, they rose to their full height and, swaying first to the left, and then to the right, they loomed over me.
      "We have told you that your potential is great," they said, as they looked down at me, seeming to size me up. "Humanity's potential for happiness is also great," they added, "and these two are connected. To reach a high level of happiness for yourself, you must fulfill the potential you were born with," they said. "Each person who does this," they said, "will increase the pool of happiness for the entire family of life.
      "All you need do to accomplish this feat, (living up to your potential,)" they explained, "is to begin to think like a family member-like a member of our family," they emphasized. "For instance," they said, "ask us, 'What can I do for my family?' and we will tell you," they nodded, eyebrows arched and hands on hips. "Simply ask us this question and once you have asked, sit quietly and listen. Listen to what we tell you at that moment, observe what we show you, and most of all," they said, "listen to the way things happen.
      "We are the Council of the Grandmothers and we are not separate from the world," they explained. "We infuse the world and because we are present within everyone and everything, we are able to communicate with you through the life around you. We are in the trees in your back yard, we are present in the food you grow, and we look out at you from the eyes of your cat or dog. We infuse everything," they said, nodding happily, clearly satisfied with their explanation.
      "Listen to the wind," they said, "pay attention to who telephones you and when they call, notice the birds that appear before you, observe whoever or whatever crosses your path, and be open to the messages of so-called strangers. We, the Grandmothers, make up the pattern of life here on earth," they said. "We are within and around everything that lives within this pattern and you too are part of the pattern." Then as they silently regarded me, they repeated, "Listen to the way things happen.
      "We promise that if you ask us for our help, we will give it. We will guide you," they said. "If you let us help you and begin to give your life over to love, you will know a joy you never thought possible. It is your birthright to live in this joy," they said as they gave me a fierce look. Then they chuckled to themselves and said, "Isn't it time you claimed your birthright?"
      These towering Grandmothers then gazed at me with their eyes full of love and said, "We are waiting for you."

      If I am content with little--enough is as good as a
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