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A Renewal of the Spirit

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  • Barbara Bailey
    ** ** *It is always amazing to hear someone scoff at the serious things. * *Perhaps they only scoff because they can t recognize anything really * *serious
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      It is always amazing to hear someone scoff at the serious things.
      Perhaps they only scoff because they can't recognize anything really
      serious outside their own personal problems....Or maybe they are
      just afraid to acknowledge anything they don't understand.
      Whatever it is that keeps people thinking in such a limited area adds
      to the residue of dullness in their minds. And until they can mature enough
      to believe in something worthwhile, they continue to
      add layer after layer of residue to the mind.
      It is not surprising that some people believe themselves in possession of
      all knowledge to the point that they feel free to ridicule those who are still
      in the process of thinking things out. We can never truly judge another's reasoning.
      We can only see the results and with time it may be the person will break through
      that accumulation to wisdom and kindness that is so necessary in tolerating
      others' opinions and beliefs. Then will the residue diminish and
      there will be a renewal of the spirit.
      By Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      For all the world one prayer
      That we might live as one
      May peace and love
      Be in each heart
      And each life be filled with sun
      ~ Cherokee Prayer ~
      Midi ~ "Highland Lullaby"
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