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Healing Mother Earth Ceremonies

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  • Barbara Bailey
    * Atlanta Georgia & Uluru, Australia Medicine Wheel Ceremony May 17 & 18th, 2008 Stone Mountain, Atlanta Georgia & Uluru or Ayers Rock, Alice Springs,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2008
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      Atlanta Georgia & Uluru, Australia Medicine Wheel Ceremony
      May 17 & 18th, 2008
      Stone Mountain, Atlanta Georgia & Uluru or Ayers Rock,
      Alice Springs, Australia
      Healing Mother Earth Ceremonies
      We are calling out to all fellow visionaries and peacekeepers from every walk of life and every nation, to join us and BECOME Earth healers! The ancient prophecies of the Indigenous Nations reveal that this is the time to act, our planet is dying. The pollution of our air and water, the toxins in our soil, our diminishing natural resources, have all caused an imbalance on this planet that is rapidly spiraling out of control! You ask, what can I do to stop it? I am only one person. Please, consider the combined power of many.
      Within us all lays the miracle of the rebirth of our planet! Imagine multiplying this miracle by the participation of millions...A simultaneous medicine wheel ceremony is being planned for Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA, and Ayer's Rock (Uluru, Kata Tjuta National Park) in Northern Territory, central Australia; May 17th and 18th, 2008. These two mountains are on opposite ends of Mother Earth; By uniting these mountains, of opposite polarity in prayer and spiritual energy, we will restore a balance that has been lost on our planet in these modern times. Very successful ceremonies have already been performed here in North America by Blue Thunder.
      In 2004, Blue Thunder, conducted a series of Medicine Wheel Ceremonies to honor the Earth and all creation. The Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming, and Big Bear Lake in California, became the hubs of these multicultural events. Blue Thunder envisioned that all of mankind would celebrate the blessings of the Earth together. These Medicine Wheel Ceremonies demonstrated how sacred mountains and waterways worked together to bring harmony to our Mother Earth. These ceremonies brought back the balance that restored the waters, rebalanced the super Yellowstone volcanic energy, supporting nature's abundance within the land through love, peace and prayer.
      Blue Thunder, Bennie E. LeBeau, an Elder of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, shares his cultural ceremonial way of life by healing Mother Earth's sacred sites. What he represents is walking the path of sacredness that brings the Earth healing wisdom and knowledge, through indigenous teachings about the environment, for all nations to share and consider.
      Home: (307) 857-6856 ~ Cell: (307) 851-6249
      Earth Wisdom Foundation's Non-profit Number: EIN 74-3192626
      Eagle & Condor Nations the Dance of Oneness Gathering
      June 18th to June 21st
      West Yellowstone, Montana, Old Airport
      Setting Camp June 15th to June 17th
      The tribes are coming to the Yellowstone. Many around the world feel that the prophecies of peace and the coming forth of the 5th world are going to be fulfilled. The Bird Tribe (Angels) has told Joe Crane, www.atouchofangels.net  that this will, indeed, happen. They tell us that a new Eden-like garden will return to the Earth if we bring the world together. We will soon contact Elders within the Dali Lama's organization as well as contact Elders from Africa.
      We ask all peoples and all tribes who cannot travel to the Yellowstone to enter into their own dances of Oneness. We will send out the patterns of gathering given to us by the angels that people all around the world can use to join us in our Grand Formation at Yellowstone. This will connect people all around the world together along with the Bird Tribes, who will assist humanity in bring forth the first vibrations of Peace, spoken of in the prophecies of the First Nations since ancient times.
      Grand Teton Medicine Wheel Ceremony - August 8th, 2008
      Near the Grand Teton National Park site will be announce after Permit has been signed at Moose, Wyoming.
      The Indigenous Nations of the Americas are being called to the Yellowstone area from June 18th to the 21st, 2008. Along with this event will be the call for a great Gathering of Nations to unite in Oneness in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming on August 8, 2008 (known as the Great Time of Peace 8:8:8).   For this second ceremony, Blue Thunder will be asking for blessings of support from his Shoshone Nations and all other Nations that will be attending from the Black, White, Yellow and Red Nations.. It will be at this event that the Eagle and Condor Nations will be called to gather together, once again in oneness, to dance the Spirit Dance.  Calling out to their ancestors to join them as we all continue to heal the Environment with our sacred dances giving love to all of creation healing the Spirit of Creation in all things:  The spirit of the trees, rocks, animals, birds, fish, insects, micro organisms and many more, all of creation has songs within the Indigenous Nations as we dance sing the songs. This alone will heal the Environments. This dance was once known as the Spirit Dance done in a circle healing the spirit of all the Plant Kingdoms, Animal Kingdom's within the Elements of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. to complete the healing of the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel.
       The Gathering Video's on:  www.youtube.com/dreamlodge1
      There are two (2) videos I feel are something to check out, thanks....
      BlueThunder aka Bennie E. LeBeau
      Eastern Shoshone Nation, Wind River Indian Reservation
      Fort Washakie, Wyoming
      307 857-6856 home or cell 307 851-6249
      Websites with information & Sacred Messages for Peace...

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