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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Greetings to you all! I have arrived, and pleased to be here and
      get to know
      you all better.
      After jogging this wonderful wintry sunshine morning, I came in
      poured myself
      a hot cup of coffee, and sauntered out to the garden to greet the
      Morning Glory vine that I planted a week ago, ah! There it was
      reaching out
      to the honeysuckle next to it; its first blossom appearing, the
      color of blue. I sat back on my bench sipping my coffee feeling the
      everywhere. The birds were singing as they ate their seeds I had
      left for
      them and every once in a while they looked up at me, as if to say,
      "Thank you
      for feeding me" I sat there and felt so honored by the beauty nature
      entrusted us with.
      Isn't life so wonderful?
      Oh, I know we have our trying times, however, we always indeed come
      back with
      more insights, and more in-depth understands.
      I am readying Joseph Campbell books right now. I just finished
      "Myths to
      Live By" He has such a wonderful way of showing us ways to enjoy the
      within and guides us to go inward to seek our answers and
      spirituality. I
      can't seem to get enough of him.
      I wish you all baskets filled with love and sunshine and a smile to
      through out your day.
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