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To Share Final Message for February 2nd, from My 'An Angel A Day' Book, by Margaret Neylon

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  • patti garrett
    Hello everyone once again: Don t you just love this special sparkling blue angel? I just received it today in a message from Polly Menendez of the
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      Hello everyone once again:
      Don't you just love this special sparkling blue angel?  I just received it today in a message from Polly Menendez of the lovingpurelove group.  And this graphic came just in time to use with today's final message, which seems like the  Universe is working in Divine Order for me today.  While the message calls for lighting a blue candle, I thought using the blue angel might make the message a little more effective.
      That said, let me now get toe this message for today. 
      First of all, we are reminded that Barchiel is the Angel of February, in the Northern Hemisphere; however, in the Southern Hemisphere, Barchiel is the Angel of August.
      Now for the actual message which combines both February 1st and February 2nd into one, so I sincerely hope that you all enjoy this message as much as I did.
      "February is known as 'fill the ditch' time because of its rain and snow.  Though we know that spring is on the horizon, we can lose faith easily during this month if we have to face harsh elements (as so many of us do).  Barchiel, the Angel of February, brings us light in the darkness and the gift of patience as we await a new dawning of growth.
      "Welcome Barchiel into your life by lighting a blue candle (or night-light) and, ensuring it is placed safely, allow it to burn itself out.  As you watch the light burn, concentrate on the energies around the throat area, which is about communicating with integrity to others.  Barchiel is with you now to help you to speak your truth during this month.
      "Traditionally this is a time for cleansing and purification.  As you wash or shower yourself, say:  "The Angel of Divine Light is now cleansing and purifying me."  Collect your crystals and place them in a bowl of sea salt or else leave them outside in order for the Moon or the Sun to cleanse, and re-energize them.  If you have any angel figurines, today is the day to clean and wash them."
      I have to admit that this is a first for me because I never knew that February was a time for cleansing and purification.  I knew that January was a month when you started over because Unity Church has a burning bowl ceremony on the first of each January; however, I find this cleansing ceremony very interesting.  I think I might have gotten started too late to clean all of my angel figurines in one day, but at least I know that this is something that I need to think about doing during this month, and I can at least get started today.
      Again, to each of you, continue to enjoy your day, may your evening be joy-filled and stress-free, and may your night be filled with peaceful and restful dreams.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  I wanted to find the midi or wav called 'Words' but found that it is another one I do not have.  So while I did find one called 'Words of God Speak' by Mercy Me, I realized it was an mp3 recording so you will not be able to hear it.  Just take from this message the parts that apply to you and discard the rest and know that, as always, I continue to hold each of you in my heart in your own special place and that I will always and forever wish for your best and highest good.
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