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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Friday, the 22 of June


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      Much is happening on the subconscious level and may not come to our awareness until the next full Moon, which is a lunar eclipse on July 5th.The new Moon is a time for asking while the full Moon is a time for receiving. This is the time to ask for help in healing negative aspects of our personality so that we may become more attuned to the Light within.

      The keynote for Cancer is I build a lighted house and therein dwell. Is the dwelling that houses our Soul full of light or is it a dark prison of our own making? A lighted house attracts those around us and gives inspiration.

      We can use this time to nurture our hearts and souls and go back to our roots. Creating a life of simplicity and nurturing helps us stay grounded and in tune with spirit. The stronger and deeper the roots, the more fruitful the tree.


      The New Moon is inconjunct Pluto at 5:52 AM.

      The emotional intuitive realm combines with Divine Love. This aspect tends to bring up compulsive patterns in our emotional and mental habits. We may be prone to manipulation by others unless we learn to transmute our negative feelings and we may need to unlearn old mental patterns that we may have acquired in formative years.

      We begin to feel greater happiness and freedom when our consciousness is filled with inclusive love and compassion rather than by compulsive desires. Our life then becomes a series of preferences rather than a series of addictive urges and compulsions.

      Many of us tend to deny our negative feelings. We judge them as ‘bad’. They are in fact our stepping stones to experiencing true joy and love within. Our negative feelings and attitudes are really parts of ourselves that need recognition, love and healing. It is important to acknowledge all our feelings and beliefs. Otherwise they form pockets of resistance and blocked energy that hold us back from our true destiny. Accepting ourselves as we are is the first step to higher consciousness(refer to Trauma Clearing or email for the information).


      The Moon sextiles Vesta at 9:16 AM.

      This influence highlights devotion to the family and a strong desire for service and caring for others. We need to acknowledge our emotional needs and fulfil them.


      The Moon sextiles Venus at 10:11 AM

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with magnetic attraction. We like sharing our experiences with our mate and maintaining intimacy. True sharing is the backbone supporting our mutual concern and each other’s needs. Dealings with family, loved ones and new connections could be beneficial.


      The New Moon goes void in Cancer at 10:11 AM

      Through silence, meditation and non-judgement, we can access our pure potentiality. Spending time in nature enables us to sense the harmonious interaction of the elements and gives us a sense of the Unity of all life. The connection with nature’s intelligence helps us to access our own potentiality. Intimacy with our true self brings about true healing and enables us to feel love, compassion and forgiveness for others. We can use this time to ground ourselves, integrate our experiences and refresh the spirit.

      Jupiter Opposes Chiron at 7:22 PM.

      Healing combines with wisdom.

      When we see things from a larger perspective we realise that healing happens on many levels. As we get insight into the essence of matter and the physical laws of the universe, we get a better perspective of the origin of illness and the way to a healing path. Our intuition helps us to identify unbalanced emotions and mental patterns.


      Lilith sextiles the Sun at 8:00 PM.

      If our personality life is affected by rejection, favouritism, rivalry, competition, triangulation, sexism or stereotyping, we may need to grapple with these separative feelings and mental attitudes during this time. Feelings are triggered more easily in the aftermath of an Eclipse and this new Moon time is a chance to make a fresh start. We have an opportunity to acknowledge our negative feelings and transmute them through emotional depth-work.



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