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"A Reunion Of Souls" ~1 ~ January 2 ( TWO )

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  • Barbara Bailey
    * Red Hawk Tales * * Native American Wisdom * *AT ONE WITH NATURE* * Will you ever begin to understand the meaning of the very soil beneath your feet? From a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2008
       Red Hawk Tales
      "Native American Wisdom"

      Will you ever begin to understand the meaning
      of the very soil beneath your feet? From a grain of
      sand to a great mountain, all is sacred. Yesterday
      and tomorrow exist eternally upon this continent.
      We natives are guardians of this sacred place.
      Peter Blue Cloud, Mohawk
      I am sorry to hurt you, but the people
      are hungry.
      Choctaw Hunter's Prayer
      Edited by: Kristen Maree Cleary
      Courtesy Of Karen RedHawk 1920
       Meditations with Native American Elders
      "People have to be responsible for their
      thoughts, so they have to learn to
      control them. It may not be easy, but it
      can be done."
      -Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE
       We control our thoughts by controlling our
      self talk. At any moment we choose we can
      talk to ourselves differently. The fight comes
      with the emotions that are attached to our
      thoughts. If our emotion is high and seems to
      be out of control, we can say to ourselves STOP
      IT!, take a few deep breaths, then ask the
      Creator for the right thought or the right
      decision or the right action. If we practice this
      for a while, our thought life will be different.
      It helps if in the morning we ask God to direct
      our thinking. God loves to help us.
        Great Spirit,
                   today, direct
                      my thinking so
                      my choices are
                       chosen by You.
      By:  Don Coyhis
       Beth's Bonus's
      May you experience each day as a sacred gift
      woven around the heart of wonder.
                 Building Bridges,
       © ~ Barbara A Bailey ~
      The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
      "Improving Wildlife Care"
      This "Peace Rose" is meant to be passed on:
      Back @ ya Dottie
      Barbara A Bailey

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