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Oops, missing link to Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Talk Radio Feature

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      Oops, missing link to Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Talk Radio Feature
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      Oops, missing link to Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Talk Radio Feature 

      Thursday, January 17th 7:00 pm EST: Ring in YOUR New Year Beneficially at YOUtopia INstitute Internet Radio broadcast  with my Featured Consciousness Frontiers Person Guest, Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle, to help us/the majority of the human population on this planet - who have been duped, hoodwinked, snookered, bamboozled, 'TRICKED' - Big Time, and Truly, flat out lied to and deceived for, at least, centuries, by the corrupt ‘Elite Hierarchical Authorities' that most of us have trusted the most.

      If YOU are not able to tune in to the live broadcast, YOU can listen to them any time YOU want from the "Archive" at YOUtopia INstitute Internet Radio broadcast . The Listener Call-in Number: (646) 716-7612 , during live broadcast.

      Up & Ooon...
      Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, DD
      Aka: The Cosmic Detective - Cosmic D
      (and whatever YOU just called me because of that slip up)
      TheCosmicDetective@...  and/or mailto:TheCsmicDetective@...   

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