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"A Cherokee Feast Of Days"...........December 31

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  • Barbara Bailey
    ***Been trudgin round Boon yesterday and today. for family meals. Boon is about 1/2 way from Nevada and Ft. Dodge, IA. *( Why this is a tad late)* *A Cherokee
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2007
      *Been trudgin' round Boon yesterday and today. for family meals. Boon is about 1/2 way from Nevada and Ft. Dodge, IA. ( Why this is a tad late)
      A Cherokee Feast Of Days
      A feast is a huge banquet of wonderful
      foods and wonderful friends to share it. It is a time
      when people honor people--and many memories
      are laid aside for this celebration.
      But another kind of feast is in the heart--
      at the core where life is decided. It is the human
      way to believe himself victim of many things, and
      he starves at his center. He worries excessively about
      who will take care of him and who will feed him
      and if he will survive at all.
      Never start a day without gratitude--
      without an inner singing of "Praise God from
      whom all blessings flow!" Never start a day being
      sour and hard to get along with. Never talk trouble
      nor give credence to those who do. Never give
      another person reason to be unhappy . . . and
      remember, this is your day. This is a day of celebrat-
      ing new life and purpose.

      On the other side of the river there is plenty of
      buffalo. When we are poor we will tell you.
       By: Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      365 Days of Walking the Red Road
      Strength is not the only thing we must
      have in the world, and, in a man or a
      nation, it is of little use without wisdom.
      On This Date in
      Native American History
      December 31, 1910: The film The Yaqui
      Girl, a love story about an Indian wo-
      man and a Mexican man, was pro-
      duced. James Young Deer, Winnebago,
      became the head of studio production
      soon after this film.
      By:  Terri Jean
      Courtesy Of RedHawk 1920
      Meditations with Native American Elders
      "They must give themselves to Wakan-
      Tanka and live a spiritual life. They will
      have the peace that frees them from fear."
      -Frank Fools Crow, LAKOTA

      There are two wills available for us: self will
      and God's will. Our choice is figure it out
      ourselves, or have the Creator involved in our
      lives. If we are honest with ourselves and look
      at past experiences, what are our lives like
      when we try to figure it out ourselves? Is there
      fear, confusion, frustration, anger, attacking
      others, conflict, fault finding, manipulation,
      teasing others, belittling others or devalua-
      tion? If these things are present, they indicate
      that we are choosing self will. What is it like if
      we turn our will over to the Creator? What are
      the results if we ask the Great Spirit to guide
      our life? Examples are: freedom, choices, con-
      sequences, love, forgiveness, helping others,
      happiness, joy, solutions, and peace. Which
      will I choose today, self will or God's will?
      Creator, I know
                what my choice
      is. I want You
      to direct my life.
      I want You to
      direct my
      thinking. You
      are the Grand-
      father. You
      know what I
      need even before
      I do. Today I
      ask You to tell
      me what I can
      do for You
      today, Tell me
      in ways I can
      and I will be
      happy to do it.
      By:  Don Coyhis
      Beth's Bonus's:
      Barbara A Bailey

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