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"A Cherokee Feast Of Days"...........December 30 ( TWO )

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  • Barbara Bailey
    ** * 365 Days of Walking the Red Road* ** ** ** *It is always good to do good, it is said. * *-SAM BLOWSNAKE, WINNEBAGO Did You Know? * ** * There are many
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       365 Days of Walking the Red Road
      It is always good to do good, it is said.
       Did You Know?
      There are many stereotypes of Amer-
      ican Indians that must be avoided. The
      truth is as follows:
      .  Indians do not all look alike.
      .  Not all Indians know Native history
      and culture, especially that which is
      not their own.
      .  Indians observe the religion of their
      .  Not all Indians are alcoholics.
      .  "Indian-ness" is not decided by the
      percentage of Indian blood in your
      .  Indians do not always have an
      Indian name.
      .  Indians were not uncivilized before
      the white man came to the Western
      .  Indians were not conquered.
      .  There are many American Indian
      By:  Terri Jean
       Courtesy Of :   
       Meditations with Native American Elders
      "Always remember ... that the Great
      Mystery is good; evil can come only from
      -Grandmother of Charles Eastman

      The Great Mystery is love, good and principle.
      He is a guiding Father. He doesn't play games.
      He knows only how to love. Sometimes, when
      things go wrong, we blame Him or others.
      Usually, if we are honest, we can see how deci-
      sions or things done in the past put us in a
      position to be hurt. It comes back to us. When
      this happens, it is not something the Creator
      caused, but something we, ourselves caused.
      Most of our problems are of our own making.
      When this happens, we should correct what
      we've done, ask the Great Spirit for forgive-
      ness and pray for guidance in the future.
      My Creator,
                         bless me with
                           Your good.
      By:  Don Coyhis 
       Beth's Bonus's

      *Thank You Vikki for sharing this with us :

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