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  • Skye Coe
    Thanks Ash for all that you send. The messages always seem to be beautifully pertinent and with each one I feel that I am finally getting it. Blessings to
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      Thanks Ash for all that you send.  The messages always seem to be beautifully pertinent and with each one I feel that I am finally 'getting' it.  Blessings to your son who I am sure by now is bouncing around.  Hope that you are both feeling well and continue to do so.  Many Thanks!  In Light )'( Skye

      Ash <mhc4sure@...> wrote:
      My apologies for not having sent this out over the weekend. I was spending time with my youngest child, Quentin, and have some kind of stomach bug that is going around. Any and all healing energies I will graciously accept. Enjoy Morning Message 55

      Message 55
      When the human experiences fear...they drop into a place where they are operating on automatic.

      It is "fear" that allows a human to be manipulated...be it fear of the dentist or fear of death or fear evoked by the evening news. It is in that place of unconsciousness...that mental place of operating on automatic that the mass populace usually vibrates. Fear is the key that triggers imbalanced and unconscious patterns.
      Notice when you fear something you are becoming powerless. You are easy to manipulate. You disconnect with your Source. You dropped into unconscious behavior. Fear is the key that unlocked that door. Fear triggers your personal insecurities. Be ever diligent...be ever aware...watch closely what experiences...what thoughts...what images...what words trigger your personal fear.

      Be aware of the ways that you divert your feeling of fear...the ways you distract yourself...notice the tools you have learned to keep the feelings or vibrations of fear at an unconscious distance

      When you experience "fear" in the moment...grab it before it hides...expose it...express it and love it free. "Fear" keeps you from staying in the NOW.

      So when you recognize your personal "fears"...deactivate them. You can use your tools of sound...of expression...of sharing...of exploring why the "fear" is there. Where did it come from? How long have you hid it? You can process your "fear" lovingly, consciously and as you do you are more available to yourself...you are more available to others. You are more connected to your Source.

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