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Re: Smply, the present moment ~ Wisdom of the Heart

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  • Gaele Arnott
    Hi Skye I just copy/pasted the link from your email. If you send me the address you want I ll put that into the next posts. in love from my heart to your heart
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 2007
      Hi Skye
      I just copy/pasted the link from your email. If you send me the address you want I'll put that into the next posts.
      in love
      from my heart to your heart
      "The Circle of Life is charged with the coincidences of the moment.
       To follow your heart in recognizing the power of chance,
       invites the energy of the sub-conscious mind to create a new reality."
       ~Simply the Present Moment (c) 1998 Gaele D. Arnott~
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      From: Skye Coe
      Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2007 4:58 PM
      Subject: Re: << lovingpurelove >> Smply, the present moment ~ Wisdom of the Heart

      Aloha Gaele. .
      Mandala is very interesting.  Had no idea what to expect.  Was hoping you would direct those interested to our heartofmaui website, not the picasa site.  I did not take photographs myself and Miriam De Vera  has copyright.  I'm sure she wouldn't mind, but don't want others taking from there without our permission.  Any way appreciate the interest.  Long, just did a Holiday father Christmas Fair for a Waldorf School that was really fun and have another at a local elementary school if it doesn't rain.  Is Christmas celebrated there?
      In Light )'(  Skye

      Gaele Arnott <gaeleaus@...> wrote:
      Simply, the present Moment
      ~Wisdom from the Heart ~
      "As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world — that is the myth of the atomic age — as in being able to remake ourselves." Mahatma Gandhi
      The background graphic is created (with permission) from photos shared by Sky Coe at: www.picasaweb.com/heartofmaui (This Mandala was created from Heart Chakra balance tumbled stones kit)
      In order to follow the blueprint of our life we need to understand the reason for our being.
      In the most simplisitc of terms we're born, we live, we die.
      The quality of time we spend her on Planet Earth is dependent of our understanding of why we are here.
      Why here?
      Why not some other galaxy and some other form?
      We beleive that as human beings we have an intelligence which makes us different from other life forms, in that we can make choices. We can use free will to agree or not to certain paths we make take through the physical life as experienced on this planet.
      We are all subjected to the mass consciousness of the day. thought patterns affect us all in how we react and itneract to the social conditions of the aprticular region in which we live. Religion, politics, morality, local laws all affect our thoughts and choices. Society in all parts of the Planet decrees that we pay our bills. modrn Society has increased costs with elecetricity, internet, telephones all deemed an essential part of our daily living. Technology has change how we exist within the community.
      Do all these changes bring us joy?
      or do we plod along through them, accepting without thinking the changes they've brought to our lives.
      While i waited in a queue at an ATM the other day, I tried to imagine my grandmother understanding the concept of an ATM. We have become an almost cashless society. So different from that time more than 100 years ago when there was no such thing as credit, for the ordinary everyday things in life. A little book written by a 'nice' man behind a counter kept tally of any 'savings'. Payday came and the weeks money was counted inot jars for esentials like the gas bill, the insurance man or the "Rawley's Man" who came to the door to supply anything from cottons to medicines. Everything else was made or created within the home - for cash.
      We accept without thinking the many changes within society.
      How do these changes affect ourselves?
      Do we even realise the changes of the past carried within our DNA affect how we walk into the future.
      Have we even stopped to heal the cracks which must have been caused by the rush of change within the last 20 to 50 years?
      Does your heart beat with joy as you step forth into each day?
      I beleive that in order to enjoy the present moment we need also to heal those aspects of the past which rushed without thought into our future.
      Our mind accepts the changes. Our Higher Self knew they were coming. Our Soul agreed to come so that we may be a part of these great changes. If you are reading this post then I suspect that you also came at this time to assist with the healing of the past so that the education could begin to create the future which we have always desired for Planet Earth.
      Skye Coe from Maui kindly shared with me her webpages as a result of my post about "no computer" for a time. My computer crashed when I tried to upgrade my Kodak software. Skye was one of a number of people who offered solutions when I was able to be back online. As I browsed her pages several photos twinkled merrily saying "use me! use me!" This is the first of a number of posts (I hope) using the graphics and Mandalas created for the purpose of healing.
      It is the intent of today's graphic that we begin by healing the heart of all humanity that we may begin to progress from the past into the present.  We can begin by allowing ourselves to heal these issues within our own hearts. Our thoughts together are a poweful combination to begin the process for the whole of humanity.
      We do indeed become as One.
      One heart
      One Voice
      One People
      The figure in the graphic is intended to represent both past thought and the future as written in your own Akashic record.
      Please take a moment to reflect on these thoughts within your own belief  of 'how it might be'. Then sit for a few moments or as long as you need, listen to the music and use the Mandala as a healing tool.
      from Gaele Arnott from here in Brisbane, Australia on Sunday the 2nd December, 2007
      it is in love from my heart and soul to your heart and soul
      Todays graphic was created by Gaele in PSP IX
      should you wish to be subscribe to the moment list please email me at: gaele.arnott@...
      the midi playing is : Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
      The Peace Candle
      I ask that you join me each day at the dinner hour (evening meal) in lighting a candle together, so that we as One People may join voices together for Peace On Earth.
      Peace will come when we are all free to love with compassion each other, as One family, without the constrictions of past beliefs.
        Together we can create a reality free of fear, greed and manipulation, where all people in all lands may have the freedom to move freely in joyful harmony.
         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
        Evolution is a leap in consciousness
          The Circle of Life is charged with coincidences of the moment. To follow your heart in recognizing the power of chance, invites the energy of the subconscious mind to create a new reality.
          "Simply the Present Moment" (c) Gaele Arnott
          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
           There is no commercial interest by me in any midis shared. The music is used to enhance the healing within the message and  graphic shared with you. If  you enjoyed this music, you are encouraged to purchase the CD
          you might also have to add my screen name to your address book and buddy list to keep it from going into the spam folder
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          Wo Oh Ni Ai
          I Love You


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