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Important message from spirit via Mark Stearn 12/01/2007

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  • divya4753
    Important message from spirit. 1st December, 2007. Via Mark Stearn. Please forward this message out to one and all. :) http://www.freewebs.com/bluestarcross
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007
      Important message from spirit.

      1st December, 2007.

      Via Mark Stearn.

      Please forward this message out to one and all. :)


      From Mark: This message from Mirih began with Mirih but turned out to
      be the collective voice of all our friends. Enjoy and keep the faith!

      There is grave concern as to the state of our Earth at this point and
      this is due to a lack of understanding of what is at work in our
      world. A number of our friends wish to address the current changes at
      work on Earth as the physical realm collapses into a new unseen realm
      where our true nature is now sprouting forth.
      As a great energy stated so clearly only recently: "Our true nature is
      love and joy. Anything other than this is false and not based in any
      sense of reality.' When I heard this it brought me back to my centre
      and reaffirmed for me that what we are experiencing on Earth at this
      time is a distinct playing out of the shadow of consciousness that is
      once more regaining it's centre.

      We are having a tough time. There is no doubt about it. Consider what
      the Earth is now experiencing as her true nature unfolds. As my friend
      Daniel Jacob says we are not only experiencing Ascension: We are also
      experiencing Expansion. There are growing pains to be witnessed. There
      are some us of waiting for world changes. All happens and emerges from

      Bring your focus back to the heart. I will now hand the com over to
      our friends who have much to say about what appears to be a very
      confusing time for us all at this time. Fear appears to be heightened
      and the truth appears to get glossed over very easily. The truth, the
      undeniable truth of our world is emerging and now it is making itself
      clearly known.

      And now our friends:

      Mirih and all: Greetings friends,
      I am Mirih. I am an aspect of Mark from an expanded vibration who once
      inhabited a world known as Mawuvia. Many of us who attended Mawuvia
      are with you now collectively as the New Earth unfolds and the truth
      of the spirit realms makes a cocreative impact as you leave the
      physical behind and return once more to the paradise of all dimensions
      and realities that is truly of your making.

      You are now in a world with no borders and no bounds. Anything goes so
      to speak. Hearts like you all and Mark are working around the clock to
      maintain a balance of the love of spirit while the unpredictability of
      illusion gets played out to it's fullest. In short beloved hearts you
      are currently experiencing a null zone. Earth is fragmenting in her
      form and splitting herself into numerous aspects as she completes her
      journey home.
      This sees Earth's realities taking on new forms as old paradigms loose
      their sway in the Earth's official stream. A new effort is currently
      unfolding in the expression where all potentiality is played out as
      per the will of the divine plan. Your Christmas season approaches and
      with it brings an air of uncertainty as to the theme of the year ahead.

      The year you have just left behind was a playing out of all that has
      gone before and an expansion of the heart as the old gets left behind
      and the new can officially make itself known. You are approaching a
      bridge to all possibilities and potentialities with the advent of the
      Christmas season. You are no doubt familiar with the bridge of
      Terabithia. The bridge we speak of is a similar vibration of hope,
      love and compassion that leads officially to the land of all dreams
      made real.

      In the month of December you are currently stepping onto this bridge
      and allowing your hearts will to unfold according to your highest
      divine contracts. Do not allow the outer world to influence your
      heart's calling. The land of the unseen is taking shape from the core
      of all collective consciousness at this time and it manifests
      energetically in the thought streams of humanity from the core of Earth.

      Know that nothing is what it appears to be. All is well in hand. The
      creator that is each one of us is laying the groundwork whereby each
      one of us can freely step onto a land of our making free from all that
      has gone before. A new air is settling over the land of Earth. It is
      the land of the heart and it's desire being made directly manifest.
      You are approaching a spell of consciousness where unconsciousness can
      no longer have reign over your working world.

      The chaos that you have long felt uncertain about has appeared to have
      thrown you all although the heart always knows better. Help is at
      hand. You are sovereign aspects of a land not directly experienced
      since you first settled on this world which is a land where all
      consciousness is freely expressed directly according to the will of
      all. A divine decree is now officially settling onto your world. It is
      the drum of faith, hope, love, joy and the manifestation of the truth
      of the spirit of these energies.
      Rest easy beloved hearts. Know that all is carefully taking shape as
      this is being written. Earth is fragmenting in her form and she is
      continually morphing into new thought streams as new energies of love,
      hope and joy bring an order and a balance to a world where the upper
      hand appears to be the unconscious mind of the collective. We speak
      for you all. We speak to you all. We are with you. We are you.


      We are your friends.


      Mark Stearn offers personal soul readings:
      Blue Star Cross: http://www.freewebs.com/bluestarcross
      Mark's Story Site: http://www.freewebs.com/solacehome
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