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"A Cherokee Feast Of Days"........November 30 (TWO)

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  • Barbara Bailey
    *Today s Feast* ** ** *365 Days of Walking the Red Road* * To hi ge se s di * *means peace on earth.* *-CHEROKEE* ** *Did You Know?* ** In many tribal
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      Today's Feast
      365 Days of Walking the Red Road
      "To hi ge se s di"
      means peace on earth.
      Did You Know?
      In many tribal communities it was the
      grandparents who instructed the child,
      and the parents who worked and hun-
      ted for the family. The grandparents
      taught tribal laws, creation stories, his-
      tories, and wisdom through stories.
      By:  Terri Jean
        Courtesy of karen RedHawk 1920
      Meditations with Native American Elders
      "Someone must speak for them. I do not
      see a delegation for the four footed. I see
      no seat for the eagles. We forget and we
      consider ourselves superior, but we are
      after all a mere part of the Creation."
      -Oren Lyons, ONONDAGA
      Whenever we make decisions, we need to look
      around and see who would be affected by
      them. If we change the course of a river, who,
      what will be affected? If we put poison on the
      gardens, who, what will be affected? If we cut
      the trees and too many are cut, who, what will
      be affected? We need to become aware of the
      consequences of our actions. We need to pay
      attention to our thoughts. We are account-
      able to our children to leave the Earth in good
      My Creator,
                                                          help me make
      By:  Don Coyhis
      Beth's Bonus's 

       To hi ge se s di

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