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  • prem lulla
    Dear Friend I am a Healer practicing in India since last twelve years. I have memories of doing healing work in some of my past births also. I have attended
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2007
      Dear Friend
      I am a Healer practicing in India since last twelve years.
      I have memories of doing healing work in some of my past births also.
      I have attended some cases where my patients have wanted healing after the partner/mother/father has passed away.
      I can tell you from my experience that it doesnot matter at all whether your mother is there in front of you or not.
      You can have healing at any time
      The essence of the deceased person will respond , and you will know from your feelings.
      Imagine her spirit listening to you , and go on communicating her whatever you wish to;
      Most important is to have communication of whatever you feel important
      And give thanks to her for whatever lessons she brought to you
      The book Conversations with God - Book three by Neale Donald Walsch is all about life after death, and whether those who have passed away do listen to humans on this side of the game.
      God as quoted in above book says that any small communciation will also resonate in the person who is in some other dimension, they will come running to our calls.
      Most important thing in this situation is to come to completion with your mom.
      So that you donot carry any baggage and She is also freed of her baggage.
      Reading the Kryon writings, I feel that all the drama that we perceive in this (human ) dimension is there only as long as We are in human form.
      He (kryon ) says that once both the team mates pass over to other dimension (whatever that may be ) , they both have a good laugh.
      Anothe interesting reading will be a book "Embraced by Light " by Betty Eddie.
      It is about out of body travels by Betty and her experiences thereof.
      Have a good healing, My energies are there to help you
      Love and Light

      nicolai73 <nicolai73@...> wrote:
      My birth mother was a freelance writer and an artist. Her work
      actually won her awards. She was skilled at her craft. She died
      exactly one year ago. Today I accidentally pulled out her file of
      letters to me dating back to 1992. Letters that I could only read
      with half of my attention. Mostly as I received and read her letters
      through the years I did so with the belief that she was insincere. As
      much as I wanted to I could never open up to her or trust her words,
      feelings, or intentions. Too much water over the damn. Her mental
      illness made this process of reconnecting even more difficult.

      Today as I reread many of them I find my head in my hands and tears
      pouring down my face. I wonder what might have been if I had been
      able to be more open and trusting with her. What if I had tried being
      closer to her? I wish so much that I had had a stronger heart, soul,
      skin so that I could have gotten to know her better. I guess I do not
      have the stuff inside to reface her after the first years of so much
      neglect and misuse of my innocence and babyhood.

      She wanted to know me. Her letters are so full of questions about me.
      I don't remember what I wrote her in return. I am sure that I wrote
      something. I did always keep the door open to communication. My heart
      feels so broken in regards to my mother. I have always wondered what
      it would be like, feel like to be wanted in the way a mother wants
      her child. I have letters...I have words that I want to trust in
      these letters...I have memories that tell a different story than
      these letters. I still have that little girl who longed so for her
      mother. Somehow I don't think this little girl will ever not long for
      her. I wonder truly if we can talk to those who have passed away.
      Does she know that even at this adult age of mine that I can simply
      fall into a puddle of feeling around her? Does she know that despite
      everything I love her with every bit of me? Funny the way that works.

      I hope when Danny, and Terry, and I made the choice to take her off
      life support at the end that she knew we wanted her not to suffer and
      to go in peace. Did she hear us all forgive her? This is the first
      time I have cried about her dying...one year later...all because I
      accidentally pulled out her letter file. Mom...I never ever called
      her mom...couldn' t...she wanted me to...I just couldn't...but I say
      it now because I am not within her reach I suppose and a sense of
      safety in that rises in me...Mom...I love you...I hope you can hear

      This weekend I travel to New York to do an adoption healing weekend
      with Joe Soll at Adoption Crossroads.. .this falling file is no
      accident...the one year anniversary of my mother's death coinciding
      with this healing workshop is no accident...I' m bringing the letters
      with me...am going to read them with braver eyes...

      posted by Gwendolyn C. Natusch @ 2:03 PM 3 comments

      Sunday, May 07, 2006

      Let us make this world world a better place to live.
      It is not difficult.
      Sometimes, even small acts go a long way.
      Smile, when situation tells you to cry,
      In you own way, do anything that brings smile to faces that are tense.
      Love and Blessings
      Prem Alok

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