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  • Barbara Bailey
    * It seemed like a usual uneventful Saturday. I was focusing on housecleaning as we were expecting some friends to stop by and had a birthday party attend
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      It seemed like a usual uneventful Saturday.
      I was focusing on housecleaning as we were expecting some friends to stop
      by and had a birthday party attend later in the evening.
      Mike, my husband,  was sleeping because he works nights.
      The music was pumped as I went about my cleaning ritual.
      I was on a roll.
      Now it has been years since I made a choice to move out to the country to escape from the activity and sounds of city life.
      I had become accustom to the soothing calls of the coyote & the owl and had left the frightening cry of the police or ambulance far behind.
      It was a another beautiful fresh day out on the farm.
      The horses were rolling in the dirt, chickens were scratching and pecking at the ground.
      The ducks are so cute when they splash and play in the pond that Mike made for them.
      This morning they were especially chatty while they chased each other and dove for goldfish,  that we stock it with,  for a treat once in a while.
      The east side of the old farm house has a sliding glass door that was put in a few years back during renovations.
      While I was vacuuming I glanced out the window to where the pond is.
      I suppose that my mind just thought that my eyes were playing tricks on all my other senses, because I continued to vacuum.
      But wait just a sec here... um was that a coyote?...by the pond?...nose to nose with one of our beloved ducks?...
      My eyes darted back to the place where my mind was very quickly aware of the reality that my eyes were not playing tricks.
      Honestly...he just blended in...Was so strange. The coyote critter looked straight at me and stared.
      I pounded on the glass....I had the door blocked by a couch while cleaning so I couldn't open the door.
      Well so frantically I dropped the vacuum and ran to the south door. Ran like I was on fire around to where the pond sits on the east side.
      There he was, still, no more than 5 or 6 feet away. 
      Still thinking that I might be imagining him, he dropped his stare and made a dart toward the field.
      I watched him run into the trees out of site, then I sat outside in my lawn chair all day until Mike arrose.
      I hadn't expected the country critters to become acustomed to me.
       And I say to myself...
      What A Wonderful World!
      *Needless to say...We watch the chickens and ducks VERY CLOSELY now.

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