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Getting To Know the Goddess of Good Fortune

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  • nicolai73
    By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway ... This is my favorite time of year because the Goddess Lakshmi comes alive during the Hindu holiday of Deepavali (or Diwali).
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      By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway


      This is my favorite time of year because the Goddess Lakshmi comes
      alive during the Hindu holiday of Deepavali (or Diwali). Each year,
      around the new moon in October or November, Hindu's celebrate the
      Goddess of Fortune and invite her into their homes, attempting to
      secure her favors for the year to come. This year it begins on
      November 9 through November 12, with Deepavali day falling on
      November 11, eve of the new moon.

      I have long been an admirer of this amazing deity. Lakshmi is such a
      special Goddess. She's magical, and practical. She is a living
      Goddess, worshipped around the world. In these times of challenge, as
      in all times of challenge, she can be a comfort and a healer; she
      brings a sense of greater fortune even in the darkest moments. She is
      a powerful cosmic connection; a divine female who looks like us, and
      offers a sense of courage, of hope, of power.

      As the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune and Beauty, she represents and
      is seen as the personification of abundance, prosperity, wealth, well-
      being and harmony. She is actively worshiped daily by millions of
      Hindus, and is popular with interfaith practitioners and followers of
      Goddess spirituality, around the globe. Because of her popularity she
      is considered a universal Goddess. Deepvali is her special holiday
      because it is a holiday of lights, and represents a sweet, soulful
      and prosperous time when people dress up and celebrate in the name of
      the Goddess of Fortune.

      On Deepavali eve, children often light off firecrackers and
      sparklers, and in some parts of India, adults bang pots and pans to
      scare off Lakshmi's dark sister, Alakshmi. Then women line their
      windows and door ways with tiny lights that are offerings to Lakshmi,
      to help her find her way to their abode.

      On Deepvali Day Lakshmi is honored with Homan, Abishekam and Puja
      worship services. Later that day the Sarada Puja to bless account
      books for the year is offered, followed by a Lakshmi-Kubera Puja, to
      Goddess of Fortune and The God of Wealth.

      For two days, people participate in additional pujas and Annakut
      Utsavam, where devotees bring sweets to the temple to lay at the feet
      of the icons of Lakshmi and her beloved, Vishnu; or they make
      offerings to the deities in their homes.

      She brings good things to life

      Lakshmi is a goddess who brings all good things to light and to life!
      She has one of the most colorful creation myths of all the deities in
      the Hindu pantheon. It is said Goddess Lakshmi was born, fully-grown,
      on a pink lotus that rose from the milky sea. She was immediately be-
      decked, be-jeweled and worshipped by the gods and sages. They prayed
      that she would come to their abodes, and to their worlds, for they
      believed that where Lakshmi is you will also find riches and

      Three millennia later, long after her story was first told, she comes
      alive in homes and temples everywhere. Believers trust that praying
      to the Goddess of Fortune brings wealth, happiness and opportunity.
      As the symbol of all things fortunate, she is a highly sought after
      and beloved female deity.

      Like many Hindu deities, she is often pictured as a beautiful Indian
      woman with big dark eyes and with four arms. Clad in sari, in a form
      that is very feminine and full, she sits or stands on her lotus
      throne. She usually has two lotuses, in either of her back hands. Her
      front arms offer blessings and what are known as "boons," or favors
      from the Gods and Goddesses. Her ability to enhance our good fortune
      is in life is symbolized by the gold coins seen pouring from her
      hands, back into the ocean of life.

      When you need help with finances, a job, success, happiness and love
      … Lakshmi is a Goddess you can turn to. It is the Hindu tradition to
      first evoke the Lord of Obstacles, Ganesha, to clear the path to
      success. Ganesha removes obstacles so Lakshmi can deliver fortune
      into your life. In the Hindu tradition, there are many chants and
      prayers to evoke Ganesha. Non-Hindus often use the simple call of
      chanting his name three times: "Om Ganesha, Om Ganesha, Om Ganesha."

      Lakshmi and Ganesha are cohorts, who often work side by side.
      Frequently you will find their icons and pictures together &endash;
      Lakshmi the beautiful feminine Goddess and Ganesh, the portly
      Elephant headed God. Lakshmi's mate is the God Vishnu&emdash;known as
      the Great Preserver, who comes to earth in the form of important
      avatars, such as Krishna. Lakshmi reincarnates with him in all human
      lifetimes and because of this She is also seen as a role model for
      undying love.

      It is believed that those who pay attention to the Goddess of Good
      Fortune every day develop a clear channel of communication with her.
      You may also want to view this as simply focusing energy on that
      which you are choosing to create in your life.

      Lakshmi exists in a dimension far beyond our human struggles and
      sadness. From where she sits on her Sacred Lotus, she can guide us to
      greater fortune, deeper love relationships and more joy. She can
      guide us from darkness, into the light. In fact, if you allow Lakshmi
      to be present in your life, you just might find she elevates you to a
      higher state of being and living. And in that state you will begin to
      see that you can create anything!
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