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Fw: June 20

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Wednesday, the 20th of June


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.


      The Moon conjoins Hades at 3:23 PM and opposes Mars at 3:45 PM.

      We are urged to calm down and see the bigger picture rather than give way to emotional excitability or resort to passive-aggressive behaviour.

      The transition from passivity to assertiveness is a sign of our growing self-respect. passive-aggressive behaviour such as being secretive, negligent, unreliable, grudging or jealous can be acknowledged and transmuted using emotional depth-work.

      It is important to have the right motive when we want to make a stand on a given issue. Our goal is not revenge but to retain self-respect and build self-esteem.

      We can use today to as an opportunity to enhance our emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Meditation and emotional depth-work are helpful.

      Venus conjoins the fixed star Menkar by longitude at 5:35 PM.

      A victim of the unconscious

      This star is linked to the forces of the collective unconscious which can emerge from the sea of the collective and greatly influence us for better or for worse. We need to consider intelligently the consequences of our actions.

      This is especially true in relationships with business partners and loved ones. Here we can be our own worst enemy and be unaware of our actions. Our unconscious, unrecognised motives can have their own hidden agendas of sabotage and undermining trust. It is no good just blaming others for this behaviour while pretending to be the innocent victim of circumstances.

      We are learning to be mature in recognising our wounded emotions while acknowledging them with compassion. Damaged feelings can be transmuted through Trauma Clearing techniques(see Trauma Clearing or email for the information).


      The Moon conjoins Mercury at 8:10 PM.

      Our changeable feelings may influence our attitude towards business partners our decision making could be affected by our moods. This is a better time to gather information and make decisions later. We are better advised to to talk about our feelings rather than act upon them(see Ten Minute Exercise section of Trauma Clearing or email for the information).


      The Moon trines Uranus at 10:44 PM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with electric will. We are likely to crave emotional excitement and depart from our routines. Life is a choice to follow the flow of energy.

      When we choose to follow our intuitive prompting, we open up our channel, we receive more energy and our body begins to heal. As we heal our emotional body using emotional depth-work, we begin to feel our inner guidance, our heart opens up and we become more alive.

      Many of us may have settled for limited objectives and aspirations because we are still bound by the past, by our old ideas and by an outdated self-image. We have far more choice in self-liberation than we may realise. Personal freedom comes from our own will, beliefs attitudes and choices. This freedom is our Divine birthright and resides within our hearts and souls.

      The Moon conjoins Jupiter at 11:24 PM.

      Our spirits are lifted and we feel a sense of optimism and self-confidence.

      We find that we can improve our well being by focusing on our inner feelings, attitudes and hidden motives. These attitudes often determine our day to day behaviour. When we are accepting of our true selves, we no longer feel the need to appear ‘better than’ or ‘less than’ other people. Emotional depth-work is recommended.

      The Moon goes void in Gemini at 11:24 PM.

      This is as good time to prepare for tomorrow’s Eclipse. The Moon will be void until tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse at 7:58 AM. We are urged to integrate everything we have learned since the last new Moon, 28 days ago. In order to integrate what we have learned, it is best to minimise our activities in the outer world and reduce our left brain activity. Now is the time to relax and allow ourselves to ‘be’, letting the healing and integrating process take over. Meditation and Sacred ceremony are recommended.

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