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Fw: 29 Gemini The Angels of Advanced Initiation

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      29 degrees Gemini

      The Angels of Advanced Initiation

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Sibolas’



      When the initiation of the Angels of ‘Kaflesi ‘ , 28 degrees Gemini, has been successfully received and put into practice, we further initiate the children of God into the correspondence between outer events and inner powers. We teach how the act of creating outer events connects a person to the higher beings of the heavenly hosts and actually draws them into active participation with these events.

      "All that I do ye shall do and more."

      Not only is it possible for each child of God to perform miracles, it is absolutely necessary. That is why the Angels of ‘Mafalach’ , 27 degrees Gemini, spoke of the importance of removing all obstacles to the search for the kingdom of God and finding it within. The Angels of ‘Kaflesi’ , 28 degrees Gemini, then give initiation for the search for the kingdom of God within.

      Gemini is the path of intellectual wisdom and at 29 degrees Gemini, we now stress the importance of using the power generated by inner meditation on creating powerful events in the outer world. We show you how to attract the angels and beings of the kingdom of heaven to participate in these events, so that even greater miracles happen.


      S…We bring through the most subtle essence of divine spirit to infuse passion.

      I…We invoke any memory to enliven and revitalize people and situations.

      B…We teach the most profound mysteries of polarity, like how to influence fate by mystical knowledge, and therefore by magic and mastery over the physical world.

      O…We instill an absolute sense of justice and adherence to divine law

      L…and true morality. We inspire in the children of God the appreciation of the need for polarity in all things, both positive and negative, in order to heal, revitalize, beautify, and harmonize situations and people.

      A…We teach the use of enlightened knowledge and wisdom to work with the beings of the intellectual realm, the devas and wind spirits, and also how to heal mental programming.

      S…We give the ability to foresee clairvoyantly over time and bestow perfect control over all beings.


      Here is our story:

      Mark had heard rumors and read accounts of the activities of all sorts of strange beings attempting to help, harm or control the people of earth over the centuries. He had even had some very lucid out of body experiences concerning this. He wondered if this subject was real, and a very big part of himself believed it probably was.

      He was particularly disturbed by a recent experience that he had had concerning powerful dragon-like beings who were using mankind to produce chaotic conditions in the magnetic-emotional realm. What could he do? Who could he turn to for explanation and help? Either way, whether this subject was real or not, he was disturbed and he needed to regain his inner peace and equilibrium.

      He decided to go alone on a long hike in the mountains, one that would require several weeks and take him away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He filled his backpack with everything he would need for survival, and wrapped his book on angels in double plastic to protect it from the rain.

      A week later, far up on the north slope of Mount Asha, he found a spring in a sacred hollow surrounded by tall trees and unusual rock outcroppings. He set up camp.

      His heart was heavy. When he thought about the possibility of interference in the affairs of mankind by unknown and hostile beings he became deeply frightened. He closed his eyes and prayed for guidance.

      A deep quiet descended on the hollow. The presence of the Angels of ‘Sibolas’ came upon him.

      They took him on a journey. It was another lucid out of body experience. This time he was flying high above the earth looking down. With microscopic vision he saw how strange looking organisms in the earth and waters broke down decaying vegetation and bodies to make good soil and nutrients. He looked at healthy organisms both inside and outside of many lifeforms breaking down food and turning it into nourishment in an endless cycle of life and rebirth.

      Then the angels showed him how everything works according to the principle of "As above, so below".

      On every level of consciousness, be it will, thought, feeling, or form, energy went through cycles of birth, maturity, decay, and rebirth.


      In this context, the angels showed him strange beings, similar to the organisms of the soil, waters, and lifeforms of earth, who were active on the levels of feeling, thought, and will. These amazingly bizarre looking beings were breaking down energy and turning it into nourishment for other lifeforms just as oganisms did on the material plane. He began to get the idea.

      Finally he awoke and looked around at his campsite. As he did so, he had vivid recollections of the different kinds of oganisms that he saw under a microscope in biology class years ago. They had looked just like strange monsters. He thought about this for a long time and went for a walk.

      As he sat on a rock next to the creek, he looked at the rich earth. He knew that it was alive with organisms that would look fearful under a powerful lens, and yet they were good organisms and life could not survive without them. He realized that energy had to go through cycles and it took many organisms on many levels to process every step of these cycles. The analogy between the "as above, so below" began to come alive for him and he moved out of the paralyzing fear of unknown strange alien beings and took steps into unconditional all embracing love,  acceptance, and mastery.

      "God’s love shines equally on the good and the bad alike."

      In the following hours he began to put it all together in his mind. The key to everything was balance and harmony and the law of one, which allows everything to exist and function according to the highest good of all concerned.

      He realized that just as organisms such as termites or bacteria can be harmful or cause sickness when they are out of the natural order of things, so can beings in other dimensions of consciousness be harmful when they are out of harmony and order. The angels inspired him with the idea that the key was to invoke the Law of One, and use the Law of One and the Law of Correspondences together, to bring about harmony and order into all realms of all beings so that the Law of One, the highest good of all, is obeyed.

      Going deep inside, he felt himself as a tiny dot in his solar plexus and imagined his body as a swirling universe all around him. He meditated on the letter S, which represents the divine virtue of all-penetrating-power. He began seeing his body filled with violet red light emanating from his gall bladder and hearing the sound of G-sharp. He felt the heat of fire and meditated on power within and over all the elements of his body universe, including the bacteria, mitochondria, T-Cells, and all of the infinite variety of organisms and beings. He moved into the meditation for the letter I, which represents the law of Cause and Effect. Here he spoke and invoked the Law of One into his entire body universe. Then he moved into the letter B, O, L, A, and finally finishing again with S. As he did this, he knew that he had illuminated his entire body and also illuminated the entire outer universe with power, mastery of cause and effect and the Law of One, the understanding of polarity, the supreme majesty and splendor of God, enlightenment, and power.

      Feeling much better, he spent the rest of the week in wonder and bliss, immersing himself in the sensuous perfection of nature’s cathedral.

      On the third day, he decided that when he got back to the city, he was going to set up a workshop at the university on the subject of alien beings and how to use love and mastery to bring about the highest good of all concerned.

      He prayed to the Angels of ‘Sibolas’ to bring the proper members of the heavenly hosts to help him. He had a meeting in his heart and mind with the angels, and made arrangements for the angels to gather together the students that should come to the workshop, prepare them on the inner planes for it ahead of time, inspire him and them as he taught the course, and to follow through and help each student integrate the information in the way that was for the highest good. At the end of the meeting, he gave thanks, for he knew in his heart that it would be as he had asked.

      That evening as the sun was setting in the west, on the quiet western flank of Mount Asha, and surrounded by angels; Mark raised his arms and prayed out loud to all beings everywhere, in all dimensions, with a heart full of powerful everlasting love.

      "Hear ye, hear ye all beings!" he bellowed in a loud voice that echoed through the valleys, " I invoke the Law of One! Remember that we are all One, and that when one of us is harmed—we all are harmed. When one of us is helped, we all are helped! I ask in the name of WHO WE ALL REALLY ARE: THE ONE, that only that which is the highest good of all concerned happen here and everywhere!" 

      In deep silence he felt the earth and heavens shift with the power of this decree. 

       " SO BE IT!"  he yelled, " Amen!"

      Legions upon legions upon legions of angels were present and joined in the invocation, and legions upon legions upon legions of beings of every kind and description in all dimensions were  reorganized, and brought into divine harmony for all, and blessed.












      Names or phrases in italics or single quotation marks are quoted or paraphrased from the books

      of Franz Bardon, ISBN 3-921338-02-6 [The Practice of Magical Evocation] and 3-921338-13-4 [The Key to the True Quaballah]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany. :

      Order these online at


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