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Your Soul Crystal

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  • Ash
    I am very thankful to Tina for sharing this article and meditation. I wished to send this along to everyone plus pray that we all shall have a peaceful and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2007
      I am very thankful to Tina for sharing this article and meditation. I wished to send this along to everyone plus pray that we all shall have a peaceful and loving weekend. Namaste

      Your Soul Crystal!!!

      Each of us came into our earth being with a personal crystal and
      song that connect us to our place of origin, our source of all that
      we are, have been and will be on a deep soul level. (The Hathor
      song page will facilitate your connection to your song.)

      We have come in from many different places and the crystals
      follow a wide spectrum of colors. Some may remind you of a
      crystal, mineral or gemstone found on earth but not necessarily.
      If there is one that seems close in color then it's a good thing to
      hold that one close to you as a reminder of your connection to
      your source crystal. The meaning of the earth crystal has no
      relevance to your soul crystal. They are of different purposes. You
      can still find yourself drawn to many different earth crystals
      depending on what you need at any given moment here in the
      way of direction, healing, or working on life issues. Your soul
      crystal does not change color and it always feels the same –
      "home" of the deepest, most peaceful and protective energy you
      can imagine - and it resonates from your heart and travels out to
      every aspect of your being.

      Meditation to find your crystal:

      Allow yourself to be in a most comfortable position. Imagine
      surrounding yourself with gold and white energy that starts at the
      top of your head and flows down through every part of your
      energy field and every cell in your body. Gold and white light that
      cleanses, clears and protects as it flows around you. Let any
      tension, stress, pain or discomfort flow down from the top of your
      head to the base of your spine and down a grounding cord (this
      can be seen/felt as a magnetic force, slide, tube, river or anything
      that works for you) to the center of the planet to be recycled. With
      every exhalation, release more and more tension and with each
      inhalation breathe in peaceful, relaxing energy.

      Now, imagine a column of violet light in front of you. In that violet
      light you'll see a bit of brighter light as if the sun is shining a
      beam of light down through it. Move toward that light and you will
      be met by your guardian angel. You may start to hear the sounds
      of the Hathors, full of song and play, inviting you to float upward.
      Feel like you're floating on a cloud as you move higher and
      higher and become lighter and lighter.

      Look in the distance and you will see something sparkle. Move
      toward that sparkle. As you get closer you start to see many
      crystals forming a crystal palace. You may sense the Archangels
      as you get nearer, soft wings and peaceful, protective energy
      guiding you along with the Hathors. There is an opening in the
      front of the crystal palace and you are invited to come inside.

      As you move inside, you see crystals of every color in every
      direction that you look. You start to scan the room and you will be
      drawn to one crystal in particular. Go to that crystal. Look at every
      aspect of it. Touch it and start to feel its energy. You can sit or
      lean against that crystal and when you feel ready, allow yourself
      to sit inside it. Take some time to see how that feels. You should
      immediately start to experience that sense of coming home and
      that it's a place you are reluctant to leave as it is so peaceful and
      complete. Note the color of your crystal. It may be one color or a
      blend but the color should not shift. (If you are at all unsure of
      the crystal you have found, shine white light at it and if it is the true
      crystal for you it should become brighter. If it is not, it should
      fade or move away and you then should scan the room for another.)
      You will be completely protected in your crystal and know you can
      access it at any time. When you feel you have made a solid
      connection with your crystal, thank all the guides and slowly
      make your way back into present time. You can picture yourself
      floating down in your crystal to Earth or that you leave the crystal
      palace and step back into the violet light with your guardian
      angel that will gently lead you back into present time. Thank all
      the guides that have assisted this meditation and bring back all
      the information you have gained.

      *You may want to record the meditation and then listen to it to do
      the journey – easier than reading and memorizing…

      Ways to use your personal crystal:

      As you sit in your crystal, send the base of it down into Mother
      Earth. You can now ground through your crystal. You can also
      communicate with Gaia any time this way. You can send the top
      of it up to connect with any higher spirits, Archangels, ascended
      masters, Hathors, etc. It provides a way of instant transportation
      as well as allowing you to be in multi-levels of existence all at the
      same time. You can observe your lifetime here from within your
      crystal as an objective observer, allowing you to see certain
      issues or troubled times without getting caught in the emotions
      of the situation. If you call on Archangel Michael, you can clear
      the situations or negative energies with his direction and

      To do a quick energy clearing on yourself, sit within your crystal
      and picture it spinning and all the energies that don't serve you
      flying out. The Hathors really like to help with this and you may
      sense them laughing (yahoo!) and dancing about as you
      become clearer and lighter and bring laughter and deep joy back
      into your being.

      If you are feeling flighty and disconnected, use your crystal to
      ground into Mother Earth and ask that she help you feel your
      grounding and purpose for connecting with her and for being on
      Earth at this time. At the same time you can release any noted
      stress, tension and dis-ease down through the base of your
      crystal into your grounding cord (to the center of the Earth to be
      recycled). Remember to picture this starting at the top of your
      head and as if the bottom of an elevator has opened and allows
      it all to just rapidly spill downward – whoosh and it's gone!

      For clear communication with Mother Earth and to answer any
      questions you may have about what is occurring for her at this
      time, follow your crystal into the center of Gaia. If you are uneasy
      going into dark, closed spaces (as some of us are) picture bright
      light that illuminates your crystal the whole time. You will find
      that the energy of being deep within the Earth is quite comfortable.
      Mother Earth may tell you she needs a healing; she may
      describe rifts, explosions, or rolling as she shifts along with the
      rest of the Universe during these times. There are several ways
      we can use our crystals to help heal Mother Earth and others.

      Sit within your crystal. Connect in with the Hathors sensing their
      light, laughter and songs as they join and help guide your
      journey. Take your crystal upward past our sun and to the Central
      Sun. You will send its brightness and healing, charging
      energies. You can sit in the area of the Central Sun. If you look
      around you, you may notice other of the ascended beings,
      Archangels, Christ, Sanat Kumara (presides over Earth),
      Melchizedek (presides over this Universe), Merlin, etc. joining
      you. (Do not stay too long at the Sun initially as the energy is so
      great that there's a chance of overcharge occurring. It feels so
      wonderful there the tendency is to stay too long… As you visit it in
      future times and get used to its energy, you can stay a bit longer.
      A sign that you might have stayed too long is an inability to sleep
      afterward.) When you are either right at the Sun or have moved
      just a little bit away, you can send its light down through your
      crystal and into Gaia. She will absorb it and use it as needed. If
      you connect with the other beings at the Central Sun, they will
      add their energies to this also.

      The Hathors act so much as a switchboard to connect in
      whatever particular higher beings are needed for any activity. If
      you have an Earth person or animal you'd like to send a healing
      to, just connect to them from your crystal. Call in the Hathors and
      explain what you'd like to do and ask them to send in any
      assistance necessary for the highest good of all. Be open and
      receive any information that may come regarding the other being.
      You may have a sense of your higher self connecting with the
      higher self of the animal or person you are trying to send a
      healing to. The conversation and information can be quite
      amazing and something you may want to pass on to them once
      you are back into your Earth level being. Quite often, there are
      also specific steps they can take on the Earth level that will help
      facilitate the healing process. These could involve medicines,
      either allopathic or holistic, crystals, songs/tones, various
      therapies or emotional work they may need to do. Sometimes
      just the words of guidance you've received and are able to share
      with them are enough. By doing this from within your crystal, you
      won't absorb any negative energies that may be released or feel
      drained after the healing work. Your soul crystal works as a
      super channel that's guided through you without impacting you.

      You can use your crystal to rise above the Earth, ask the Hathors
      to connect you in with Sanat Kumara and do an Earth healing
      with him. As you look down at the Earth, scan it and note any
      areas of tension or imbalance. You may see rifts, swells,
      squeezes or grid lines that don't look right. You may note certain
      areas in particular (like the Middle East) that are in desperate
      need of help. Sanat Kumara will guide you in bringing things into
      balance, adjusting lines, softening energy surges and all the
      various glitches. Sometimes he'll position himself on one side
      of the Earth and you on the other and you'll send gold light and
      energy between you or work on balancing the grid lines. You can
      also call on the Archangels and any other lightworkers that may
      be scanning at the same time to connect in. There are many of
      us that do almost daily work in this way to try to hold the energies
      for Mother Earth as best we can.

      I was instructed about two years ago that I needed to do
      healings on the planet, meaning Mother Earth. I was told by
      another wonderful intuitive healer to use someone as my
      conduits. As I lived alone at the time, all I had available was my
      brother's dog, Bernie, and his cat, EP. I thought, why not? I asked
      their permission and they both agreed. For almost a year's time,
      I connected in with EP and Bernie every morning and went out
      and did earth healings. While I was "out there" at times I sensed
      another Aboriginal woman, Sara, and we would join forces in our
      healings and check in with each other on what we were sensing
      overall. Eventually, I was connected with Sanat Kumara and
      began working directly with him on Gaia. It all works and even
      now I often invite the animal spirits to be part of the journeys,
      meditations and healing ventures.

      Our soul crystals are what connect us back to source, to
      whatever place we came from. If you follow the top of your crystal
      out as far as it can go, that's where it will lead you. When I
      followed mine out, I was led to Sanat Kumara. We were from the
      same star planet and it is no longer in existence so my "home"
      is wherever he dwells. I was given a picture of us both leaving
      our star planet in agreement to work with Earth and shortly after
      that time it exploded (hit by dark forces) out of existence. I was
      given an image of myself as an indigo light being with a circlet of
      stars around my head, each one radiating out bright starlight. I
      was given the name Star Light Hyalite. My energy is that of a
      bright star that blasts with direct light and immediate focus (no
      subtleties or "beating around the bush"…). I made an agreement
      with Sanat Kumara that I would come into Earth at this time to
      help with the major dimensional shifts that are going on. At
      times it has felt difficult to be here and left me yearning for
      "home". As much as I welcome ascension back into that place, I
      do not want to leave here until I have fully accomplished what I
      agree to do on this journey. I want to complete my Earth mission
      and be able to work just from some of the higher levels or other
      realms after this.

      By following your crystal back, you not only can find your "home"
      but also many of your journeys and lifetimes along the way. I
      have been on Earth many times and in both Lemuria and
      Atlantis. Each time has a lesson and information that helps
      complete the picture. I spent a lot of time in earlier years
      accessing this information in order to make sense of events that
      were currently occurring in my life. Now, I just travel my crystal
      and trust that anything that's necessary for me to look at or know
      will come into awareness. It's quite powerful to have the Hathor
      team always present and offering guidance from such a playful
      yet deeply knowledgeable space!

      Enjoy your crystal and please share any questions or information
      if we can assist you on your journey! It's only through us all
      working together that any of us can really make gains. This site
      is meant to facilitate for everyone for all to share what comes!



      Source: FullMoonMeditations

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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