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To Share Final Message of the Night -- Another Card Message from Angela McGeer, with this deck being the one entitled 'Heart and Soul' Angel Cards

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone again -- for the last time tonight: Tonight s card from this Angela McGerr Card Deck entitled Heart and Soul Angel Cards, is from the Suit of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
      Hello everyone again -- for the last time tonight:
      Tonight's card from this Angela McGerr Card Deck entitled 'Heart and Soul' Angel Cards, is from the Suit of Mystical Animal Guides called 'Thunderbird of the  Blue Star Angels.'  This is the card  of the mystical bird of spiritual illumination, and it links Seraphiel, Sanusemi, Michael and Mazuriel.
      And the rest of this message for today is:
      "Timeless mystical Thunderbird signifies expansion toward spiritual illumination.  Echoing the five-pointed star (Microcosm), she flies you to the Blue Star of Earth's origin. symbolizing the heart and soul path of personal Ascension.  Her silver eyes hold Mirage's light )the Sun of all Suns  -- Sacred Heart of the Creator.  Water of Life flows from her back while her tail represents the Ennead angels (nine Blue Star Seraphim_, guiding force to mankind.
      "You are an ancient  soul who can fly the sapphire star stream with Thunderbird.  Her sacred flight mirrors your quest to attain Unity Consciousness and to return as a Thunderbeing to teach her mystery to others.  To take this step, first reconcile and balance the Universes within (heart, spirit, Microcosm, silver) and without (mind, will, Macrocosm, gold).  By sending healing energy to ALL THERE IS, you move through crown toward the white of Unity.  For Thunderbeing empowerment, connect third eye and heart to fly on her luminous wings through the Angel Star Gate to the Blue Star.  Sanusemi (of the Ennead) guides you -- five is the number, sapphire the ray, Merkaba  the vehicle.  Love the key."
      I thought that this message was interesting, but I am not quite as enlightened as I should be to do these things yet. Consequently,  while I think the message is great and very spiritual, I am afraid it is going to be a while before I totally understand what it really means and make it a part of my spiritual practice.
      For now, for tonight, good night and pleasant dreams to all of you.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Because I could not find any wavs that would relate to or go with this message, I just used my old stand-by called 'Angels of the Healing Waters,' because, to me, this muses is so beautiful and special that it can be used with any spiritual message.  I do hope you all enjoy it  tonight.
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