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Nice pics...

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  • Barbara Bailey
    ** *OK girls, just follow me..I won t let anything happen to you.** * * * *That was the funniest joke I ever heard!!! * ? ? ? ? ** *Weeds and flowers thriving
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2007


      OK girls, just follow me..I won't let anything happen to you.



      That was the funniest joke I ever heard!!!







      Weeds and flowers thriving together.. . Gee, whatta concept



      Look me in the eye, and believe me when I say, "I did not eat that mouse!"


      Who us? We've been in the bed of the truck the whole time...



      Okay, now on three... Say acorn .



      To think they took a rocket to get there... It would have been so much easier by rail!



      If you cross this line .... Oh, will you be sorry!


      Give us the grace to see a joke,
      To get some humor out of life,
      And pass it on to other folk.



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