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Re: << lovingpurelove >> To Share Heart and Soul Angel Card for Today

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  • Ellann Lehdey
    Dear Patti Today s graphic is stunning Ellann ... From: Patti Garrett To: TazsAngels@yahoogroups.com; lovingpurelove
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      Dear Patti
      Today's graphic is stunning

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      Hello everyone again:
      Tonight the card I drew for all of us from this card deck by Angela McGerr was one from the Suit of Mystical Animal Guides and is entitled the Swan of Serenity and Transfiguration.  This card is the card of transformational power of truth and freedom, and it links Cassiel, Pluel, Michael and Sahaqiel.
      And the message for all of us from this card tonight is:
      "Swan is an archetype for serenity in the face of change; even during the tender vulnerability of the cygnet, we know the promise and purity of Swan herself is merely waiting to manifest.  So, if you are involved in a fraught situation, Swan says change is about to happen.  Her element of water allows you first to find equilibrium in life -- even if only temporarily -- balancing your emotions so that you can calmly evaluate your situation.  Then you can choose to work with Swan herself to overcome a challenge, release karma, and so through transfiguration receive spiritual grace -- an important step toward realizing and accepting your true heart's desire.
      "Blue-green colors connect you directly to the closest (third) Angelic Sphere.  Aqua rays offer emotional balance and tranquility.  Then Swan's beak points upward, urging you to catch the blue streak of the sky:  Michael's ray of personal truth.  Through blue, move toward crown, to the pure white ray of Unity.  Swan advises you to speak out to achieve your dream and it will transfigure you as cygnet to swan.  Then you will come to know peace, as the serene water reflects what it wants you to see:  your twin paths of heart and soul flowing as one."
      What a lovely message for us all to think about and ponder on today!  This seems like a good mystic animal guide to have around, most especially when you are having problems that you cannot resolve on your own.  I know that I will keep this mystical creature in my mind the next time I need some help in this area.
      Again, continue to enjoy your evening, if you are still up, or if you are in bed, I hope you are having a very restful and renewing sleep.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  I looked all through my wavs for something on serenity or transformation, both mentioned in this message, but I had no wavs with those words in the title.  So I just settled for this one on peace because it is mentioned, too. It isn't quite what I wanted to use, but as it was all I have, I used it anyway.  It is entitled 'Let There Be Peace on Earth' by Vince Gill and his daughter.  I do hope that you all enjoy my selection for tonight.

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