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To Share Message from Angela McGerr's Heart and Soul Cards for Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone yet again: This will, more than likely, be my last message for tonight as I have to stop and clean my kitchen. And then, get some rest for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      Hello everyone yet again:
      This will, more than likely, be my last message for tonight as I have to stop and clean my kitchen.  And then, get some rest for the first time today, so that I will be calmed down enough to have a night of peaceful and restful sleep.
      So the message from this card, made by Angela McGerr, for today is from the Suit of Sacred Hollows Light Tools and is on "Heart Grail and Four Rivers of Eden."
      "This is the card of the Heart Grail and the healing power of the Water of Life.  It links Pagiel, Phuel. Haurvatat and Cambiel."
      And the message from this card for today tells us:
      "You are a Water Carrier with true Aquarius energy.  You may already understand about the Water of Life and have inner intuition about its true healing potential.  Now you are taken infinitely further, for this is the Water of Life, pouring from the Four Rivers of Eden into the perfect Grail.  It offers both internal and external cleansing -- with enough love you can hold this Grail within your heart.  Each River carries a cardinal virtue:  wisdom, courage, moderation and endurance.  As they pour into our heart, it is freed from blocks, opening the heart's Flower of Life, opening the heart's Flower of Life to radiate pure unconditional love.  The angels say that you can use this sacred pattern to heal the Water of Life within your body, returning it to perfect form.
      "What works in your Heart's inner Universe also works for the outer Universe, if you have loving will and healing intent.  Once your heart accepts the concept of healing the waters, you next visualize a huge Grail, created by linked hearts on a planetary or Universal level.  As the Four Rivers pour in, you can become One with the Water of Life, to aid healing of all sentient life forms on the planet.  The power of Love is infinite and, when carried through living, purified Water of Life, miracles are achievable."
      Once again, a wonderful and special message of love and healing for all of us, from this special card.  I hope that some of you find as much inspiration or comfort in this message as I did.
      And for now, let me take this opportunity to wish each of you a final good-night and ask that each of you calm yourself down for the rest of the evening in an effort to enable you to get some really good sleep tonight.  If you are unable to do that, you can always talk to your Creator, your guides or your angels and ask  them to help you find a way to get the sleep we all need in order to function at our highest potential each day.
      I continue to pray for the highest and best good of each and everyone of you.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  The beautiful music I am sharing tonight is called 'Angels of the Healing Waters,' which I used because I love this kind of music and because it deals with healing energy, which is one of the messages in this card today.  Enjoy!
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