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Is there a 22 Libra out there please?

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  • Julie Carter
    Patti Garrett wrote: Hello everyone yet again: I received this beautiful graphic with embedded music from a very special friend
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2007
      Patti Garrett <pattigarrett1@...> wrote:
      Hello everyone yet again:
      I received this beautiful graphic with embedded music from a very special friend named Dusty, just as a way to bring some refreshing beauty to my day, which I am now sharing it with all of you.  And the song that is shared is called 'Little Jimmy Brown" by the Bells, at least I think that is what the title is.  Anyway,. from the words, this song is about a man who was born, married, lived and died in the same town -- which is something very few people do any more.  However, when I talk to friends I went to grammar school and high school with, I am once again reminded that most of them have done just that -- were born, married, lived and continue to live in the same place all of their lives.
      While I moved from the small rural town I grew up in and have lived in different place and seen a lot of things they never will see, I wonder which of us made the best choice.  The thing that impresses me so much ithje greater percentage of most of those people who did this got married and are still married to the same man -- never giving up on marriage no matter what the problems or the circumstances of their marriage, including losing children and having all kinds of problems.  So whose life really turned out the best?  All I cna say is that once in a while when I am thinking of my past and my life in a calmer, easier going place, I think that maybe if I had made a different choice then, my life now would be entirely different.  But, on the other hand, had I done that, I would not have my children, and that I would never not want to have happen.  So once again I am reminded that that everything probably does happen to each of us as it should, unless we use our free will too much.  But then I wonder, is that really possible?  Doesn't our Creator still have the option of leading or steering us in a different direction no matter what we think we want or is it just that sometimes when we think we know what we want in life that we just do not listen to our God, our guides or our angel?  These are things that I really contemplate on a lot and for which I have never been able to really come up with an answer.  Anyone else ever think of things like this?
      Now for the quotes I wanted to share today.  And, believe it or not, I did not look for quotes in this area because my quotes are stored in one of those large footstools with a top on it, so I just reach in and get out the quotes for each day.  So even though some of these are on the same subject. my selecting them to share was not planned -- I honestly do believe that drawing out the ones I did was simply an act of something happening because it is supposed to.
      "Let us not look back in anger
      or forward in fear,
      but around in awareness."
      -----James Thurber
      "We arg'ed the thing at breakfast;
      we arg'ed the thing at tea.
      And the more we arg'ed the question,
      The more we don't agree."
      -----Willl Carleton
      (This one really spoke to me because of a conversation, nay, an argument, I have been having
      with someone on one of my groups.  And, personally, I am totally convinced that sometimes
      two people just have to agree to disagree and let it go at that.  I know it is hard to do that 
      when someone continues to push your buttons or upset you in some way. 
      However, there always comes a time you just have to say 'Enough already period and
      just let all of the negative and hurt feelings go completely!! "
      "We should quietly hear both sides."
      And, finally,
      "Two people cannot long be friends,
      if they cannotforgive each other;s little fialings.:
      -----Jean de La Bruyere
      Again, I hope some of you found some food for thought in these quotes: I know for sure that I did.  And once again, may your evening be special, joy-filled and stress-free.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  This graphic and stationery was made by Patty Kay, and I am not sure if Dusty or Patty attached the music, but whoever did, I am so grateful that they did because it really gave me more to think about that I wanted to -- some good and some sad, but isn;t that the way it always is with nostalgiz -- the thoughts are always either good or sad -- at least I knw that is true for me?
      Incredible IM Stat
      Frame & Background
      Created by Patty Kay 05'
      Artist Thomas Kinkade Print
      (scanned postcard)
      Font Shifty Chica

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