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Words to a Grandchild Tune to follow

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  • Barbara Bailey
    *Words to a Grandchild* ** *From My Heart Soars ~ Chief Dan George ~* ** ** ** *Perhaps there will be a day you will want to sit by my side asking for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      Words to a Grandchild

      From "My Heart Soars"
      ~ Chief Dan George ~
      Perhaps there will be a day
      you will want to sit by my side
      asking for counsel.
      I hope I will be there
      but you see
      I am growing old.
      There is no promise
      that life will
      live up to our hopes
      especially to the hopes of the aged.
      So I write of what I know
      and some day our hearts
      will meet in these wordsm
      - if you let it happen.
      In the midst of a land
      without silence
      you have to make a place for yourself.
      Those who have worn out
      their shoes many times
      know where to step.
      It is not their shoes
      you can wear
      only their footsteps
      you may follow,
      - if you let it happen.
      You come from a shy race.
      Ours are the silent ways.
      We have always done all things
      in a gentle manner,
      so much as the brook
      that avoids the solic rock
      in its search for the sea
      and meets the deer in passing.
      You too must follow the path
      of your own race.
      It is steady and deep,
      reliable and lasting.
      It is you
      - if you let it happen.
      You are a person of little,
      but it is better to have little
      of what is good,
      than to possess much
      of what is not good.
      This your heart will know,
      - if you let it happen.
      Heed the days
      when the rain flows freely,
      in their greyness
      lies the seed of much thought
      The sky hangs low
      and paints new colors
      on the earth.
      After the rain
      the grass will shed its moitsure,
      the fog will lift from the trees,
      a new light will brighten the sky
      and play in the drops
      that hang on all things.
      Your heart will beat out
      a new gladness
      - if you let it happen.
      Each day brings an hour of magic.
      Listen to it!
      Things will whisper their secrets.
      You will know
      what fills the herbs with goodness,
      makres days change into nights,
      turns the strars
      and brings the change of seasons.
      When you have come to know
      some of nature's wise ways
      beware of your complacency
      for you cannot be wiser than nature.
      You can only be as wise
      as any man will ever hope to be,
      - if you let it happen.
      Our ways are good
      but only in our world
      I you like the flame
      on the white man's wick
      learn of his ways
      so you can bear his company,
      yet when you enter his world,
      you will walk like a stranger.
      For some time
      bewilderment will,
      like an ugly spirit
      torment you.
      Then rest on the holy earth
      and wait for the good spirit.
      He will return with new ways
      as his gift to you,
      - if you let it happen.
      Use the heritage of silence
      to observe others.
      If greed has replaced the goodness
      in a man's eyes
      see yourself in him
      so you will learn to understand
      and preserve yourself.
      Do not despise the weak,
      it is compassion
      that will make you strong.
      Does not the rice
      drop into your basket
      whilst your breath
      carries away the chaff?
      There is good in everything
      - if you let it happen.
      When the storms close in
      and the eyes cannot find the horizon
      you may lose much.
      Stay with your love for life
      for it is the very blood
      running through your veins.
      As you pass through the years
      you will find much calmness
      in your heart.
      It is the gift of age.
      and the colors of the fall
      will be deep and rich,
      - if you let it happen.
      As I see beyond the days of now
      I see a vision:
      I see the faces of my people,
      your sons' sons,
      your daughters' daughters,
      laughter fills the air
      that is no longer yellow and heavy,
      the machines have died,
      quietness and beauty
      have returned to the land.
      The gentle ways of our race
      have again put us
      in the days of the old.
      It is good to live!
      It is good to die!
      - This will happen.

      *Chief Dan George was a gifted actor and chief of the Salish Band in Burrard Inlet, British Columbia. He was born 'Geswanouth Slahoot',
      on July 24, 1899, in North Vancouver, British Columbia and died September 23, 1981, in Vancouver, British Columbia.
      May we all live in peace, love and harmony,
       experiencing each day as a sacred gift
       woven around the heart of wonder.
      From My Heart,
      © ~Barbara A Bailey~

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