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Re: [Sunflowerz] The Grandmothers' Message for This Time of the Great Shift

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  • Shift Twain
    re: clarifications asked ... we, our feelings, the personality of these times, are indeed reflected in these words below -- and many reflections of
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      re: clarifications asked ...

      we, our feelings, the personality of these times, are
      indeed reflected in these words below -- and many
      reflections of reflections, the rainbow of our complete

      for though certainly in times of great change and upheaval,
      of danger to the Earth, to family and community, and all
      our relations as now -- we DO usually wish to find the
      strength and clarity and resilience and perspective to
      facilitate peace and universal respect, understanding
      amongst all involved.

      yet too, we have MANY personalities, seven billion of us
      here, and all will approach that epiphany from their
      differing natures. and this blossoming episong is NOT a
      danger to all peoples, or a challenge -- and is to some a
      chance to release and be carried to the center of the RIVER
      of their and our wondrous change.

      many of us will be carried forward simply by our ACTIONS of
      love and connecting, 'perspective' present or not.

      so these ~WONDERFUL~ words of loving responsibility below,
      gift of perspective and calming, are but a great light
      revealing of our personalities and these times -- that we
      may discover the MANY facets of our refining beings --

      and move forward into this great unknown of our new
      beginnings ...

      in the embrace of ALL our ancestors,
      the comforting company of ALL our relations,

      Millennium Twain

      --- In Sunflowerz, "Millennium Twain" <yonibluestar> wrote:

      Shondra ~ Rose of Light~ posted:


      With all the frightening upheaval taking
      place in our world right now, I journeyed
      to the Grandmothers to ask what those of
      us who wish to serve at this time can do.


      "Speak out," they replied, "but speak from
      a position of power. Never speak in anger,"
      they said, "but hold a sacred space, stand
      proudly in it and speak. If you cannot maintain
      equilibrium and hold a sacred space, do not
      speak," they said. "Do not contribute to the
      present agitation in the world. Speak in wisdom,
      speak of peace and most important, be peaceful.
      But until you are peaceful, hold, live, and
      breathe a sacred space and do not speak,
      they said.

      "Whenever you catch yourself going into anger
      or fear, stop what you are doing, retreat inside
      yourself and call on us. These times you are
      living in are a great test for you," the Grand-
      mothers said, nodding seriously. "Everywhere
      you look now you see the excessive energy of
      the masculine ways running amok. It pulls and
      grabs at whatever stands in its path, and it
      is greedy, always greedy for more. It would
      like to attach itself to you too," they said.
      "It would like to whip you into a frenzy too
      but being whipped into a frenzy will simply
      feed the run away energy of masculine ways
      that are out of control, " they said.

      "As the energy of masculine ways gets more
      out of control it becomes seductive and smart.
      But," they each said, holding up one finger,
      "whenever you find yourself losing your peace,
      losing your sense of rooted-ness, and your
      stance of power, retreat!" they said, holding
      up their hands. "Think of your original
      decision to claim a sacred space and hold,
      hold, hold it," they said.

      "Call on us," they said. "We will fill and
      anchor you until you become a colossus, a
      beacon of light that radiates sacred space.
      Ommm," the Grandmothers chanted together.
      "Your commitment to hold a sacred space is
      like the om. The stance you take will resound
      deep & high, far & wide; it will reverberate
      within and without. It will anchor the Web of
      Life in colors of Light that strengthens the
      elements of Being within the planet.

      "What is happening in your world now will
      test you. All you have previously been taught
      and have experienced," they sighed, "has come
      from a out of balance masculine perspective.
      Because of this, at a time like this you wish
      to do something good. We tell you, 'Be good.
      Be good.' Be yourself and live rooted in the
      Divine. Be this," they smiled and covered me
      with their shawls. "The winds of change will
      try to pull you left and right, knock you
      this way and that. This masculine energy is
      running crazed at this moment and inciting
      all to riot.

      "Do not blow with the winds," they said,
      "but hold, hold a sacred space. When you
      feel yourself steady, and then speak. Speak
      what comes to you at such times and give
      voice to the words that arise. What you say
      then will be right. You needn't calculate
      or plan it before hand.

      "At all times call on the Divine and pray
      for all beings. 'Let everyone in all the
      words be happy," they said. "Pray this over
      and over again or say other prayers that you
      love; recite the lines that bring you comfort.
      Such prayers hold power and do enormous good.
      Hold a sacred space and call on us. We have
      told you before and we remind you now that
      often what seems to be wrong in your world
      bears within itself the seeds of right. Things
      are not as they seem," the Grandmothers said.

      "An enormous shift is taking place now-the
      shifting of feminine and masculine. You are
      called to a great work, to help anchor the
      message we have brought. As you do this, you
      will infuse your planet with the steadying
      energy of gentle feminine energy. This will
      happen whenever you open to the feminine side
      and hold a sacred space. This war is not as
      important as the work you have been given,"
      they said and I stared. "There have been
      thousands upon thousands of wars in the past,"
      they said, "and now war has come again. "We
      will not abandon you," they said, "but
      "hold, hold, hold, and they intoned.
      Hold a sacred space.

      Do not forget the commitment of your heart,
      your commitment to be at one with the Divine,
      to live in communion with the Divine. Hold
      steady," they said, "and then if you feel
      drawn to action, go-as long as you can hold
      a sacred space. When you are at a gathering,
      pray. The good that goes out from prayers
      like this, sent in the midst of a crowd is
      immeasurable. But if at any time you find your
      self becoming angry and losing your center,
      withdraw until once again you hold that
      timeless sacred space.

      "Each time you choose to hold this space your
      stance will get stronger. You'll get stronger,"
      the Grandmothers laughed. "At first you will
      catch yourself slipping in and out of holding
      sacred space especially Slipping out," they
      laughed again. "When that happens," they said,
      "return to your commitment to be at one with
      the Divine, no matter what. This is the Desire
      of your heart. This is why you took the vow
      to hold the sacred space.

      "We will help you develop radar and alert you
      when you're getting caught in the coils of
      masculine energy. When you become aware of this,
      call on us and we will bring you home to sacred
      space. This is your home," they said, nodding
      and smiling.

      "Holding this space feeds life," they said;
      "and this is your work." They dusted their palms
      as if to say, 'that's all there is to it.'
      "Becoming a home place others can resonate to,"
      they said, " will help them. When you stand in
      sacred space, you create a center of calm. Seeing
      your example, others can more easily calm, center,
      and come home themselves. But without your work,
      without something steady to relate to, they will
      be unable to remember who they are."

      "Enter into any activity that calls you," they said.
      "It is your heart calling you, after all. This work
      is our mission, and you have enlisted in our mission.
      We love you deeply and we will support you." "We
      will always help you." I saw the depth of love in
      their eyes and choked up. I was not accustomed to
      anyone looking at me like that.

      "Be aware that the pressure and pull of excessive
      out of control masculine way is great now," they
      said. "For a long time earth has known nothing
      but this pulling. All your conditioning has taught
      you to live in a masculine out of balanced world.

      "Recently, however, you have come to know the
      steadying power of feminine and now it is time
      for you to live more in this place of gentleness
      At all times you can rely upon us," the Grandmothers
      said; "and upon the deep wellspring of the feminine
      within yourself. We bless you. We bless you,
      We Bless You."

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