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My Meditation with the Elements of Mother Earth

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  • Shirley Ponto
    Dearest Hearts: This is the first time I started working with the Rainbow Bridge - about 35 years ago . . . I thought I would start at the beginning with you
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      Dearest Hearts:
      This is the first time I started working with the Rainbow Bridge - about 35 years ago . . .
      I thought I would start at the beginning with you about this . . .  The Rainbow Bridge
      appeared while we were in the highest heaven sitting at the crystal table. . . .  This meditation came for the first time to me when I was with a Charismatic Group of which two are Nuns
      and the others were lay people like me.  I was spirit led during this meditation.  I will try to find the sketch I made of it and so far it is somewhere in this blessed VISTA. My artist friend Sister Josephine painted an oil painting of it.
      Angel and Dolphin Hugs for a Radiant Rainbow Day dear ones!
      Love, Light, Joy and Peaceful Blessings,
      Shirley Irene      also known as the "Violet Ray"


      Meditation with the Elements of Mother Earth

      “I invoke the Light of the Christ within, I AM a clear and perfect channel, God’s Golden Healing Love and Light is my Guide.” (3 times)

      “Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adnonai Tsebayoth” (3 times)

      Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts, the whole earth is full of His Glory.)

      When working with the harmonics of the speed of Light, the Holy Mantra activates special grids of resonance attunement, so that the coupling of energy flowing through the body is placed in sympathetic resonance with the Brotherhood of Light. This allows energy grids to be brought together for mutual work and worship. It gives specific light and sound harmonics of:

      6-6-6 identifies you with respect to the Earth’s vibrations

      9-9-9 indicates that you have picked up a Merkaba vibration and that you are receptive to whatever instruction is at hand.

      12-12-12 is the vibration of consciousness transportation (Keys of Enoch)

      Appearing in front of me is the “Eye of God’ there are three steps up and as we get closer it enlarges . . . As we step through this dimension we become completely surrounded by this radiant, shimmering, irisdescent light. Our bodies are absorbing . . . You may see some of your Archangels, angels and guides greeting you as we step through this dimension . . We are becoming light, and even lighter . . . For me I see Padre Pio, Pope John Paul on the right side, in the center is the golden energy which comes from God, from the source of all. To the left I see Jesus and above Jesus I see Sananda . . . The Blessed Mother appears and presents us with the Golden Ball . . . It has tremendous energy and if we wish we can accept it with our hands and allow this Golden Essence of Healing begin to circulate within, healing whatever needs to be healed, unblocking what needs to be unblocked. . . . Mother Theresa takes my right hand and Rami comes and takes my left hand as we walk down the stairs. This magnificent White Shining Tree is full of symbols and geometric shapes such as trines, circles, pyramids, diamond shapes and many are silver, many are in colors. Each time there is a difference. . . .

      What is on the tree for you, who is here to walk with you?

      We walk now close to the tree and my two Golden Lemurian Dolphins are by my side as well. In front of this tree there is a magnificent Golden Orb glowing and growing. I step through it and I walk right into the form of the Golden Tree of Life - - - there are only small branches with no leaves . . . When we are fully part of this Golden tree of life the branches begin to grow and looks like DNA activation - cells, molecules, electrons, enlarging and Mother Theresa and Rami continue to hold my hands . . . I am now part of the tree . . . Expanding DNA and from cell to cell you feel the energization . . .activation . . .

      All of a sudden there is the activation of the Merkaba chakra gemstones, and they are placed as such: Ruby merkaba for the 1st chakra, Soft Carnelian for the 2nd chakra, Golden Citrine for the 3rd Chakra, Rose Quartz for the 4th Chakra which right above it is placed an Emerald Merkaba, an Aquamarine Merkaba for the Higher heart, Lapis for the 5th Chakra, Amethyst for the 6th Chakra, a brilliant silvery shimmering Lavender Merkaba for the Crown Chakra and wella- - they are all placed within our tree bodies and spinning . . . .WOW.


      Shall we begin by takiug a path into the woods. On the side of the road we have beautiful purple and violet flowers. Blue Bells of Texas, Flocks like we use to grow in Atlantis, Lupkins . . . . . And as we walk along we find walking a long side of us some of our totem animals . . . The air is so fresh and we have a gentle breeze. The trees multiply and the flowers are increasing. If you look out the side of your eye you just may catch a deva of the flowers, or a fairy . . . Violet colored dresses . . . Dancing along side of us and softly singing. Now they are carrying Morning Glories . . . We are finding more peace within ourselves as we take at least three deep breaths . . . If you feel like it you can join in the dance gently, joyously and playfully. We continue to walk feeling more free, free of any anxieties, of any worries, of any stresses, of any illness - - - there is a quiet peaceful hush. Faint areas on the trees show the sun gently caressing the trees . .

      Making the leaves golden here and there.

      As we come to the edge of the forest, we thank the forest for its beauty and for the trees sharing of their energy with us.

      When the path turns into our view comes the beautiful ocean inlet and across the way is a beautiful light house. At the edge of the ocean I usually see Jesus standing there with a staff for each of us. You may see

      Your own special master guide . . .and need to insert his/her name if it is other than Jesus . . .

      Jesus puts a golden crown on each of our heads after he hands us the staff.

      Again the radiance of God’s Golden Light shines on us as we start to enter the lake. Our quest is to cross the lake to a rocky island that has a lighthouse to guide us. At the island is a beautiful crystal “beam” that goes up to the stars.

      Jesus hands us the staff as we go into the ocean one by one. The water is very refreshing and purifying . . . And by the time I am knee deep I can see the Dolphins coming in and playing all around us. What color Dolphins do you see? I decide that I want to walk along the ocean bottom and once I am walking deeper and deeper I find that I can breathe underwater. One of two of you may prefer to let the Dolphins take you across to the light house . . . Whatever you are comfortable with. This is constantly changing . . . There are Orcas giving us their strength, Golden Lemurian Dolphins, Belugas and in the distance you just may hear the Humpback whale . .

      By now we are all in the inlet and feeling more cleansed in every step or swim stroke that we take.

      We finally reach the shore just below the light house and the rocks do not hurt our feet, they seem to mold themselves to our feet and are very energizing . . . You may feel the energy coming up through the soles of your feet . . . I usually send love down thru my soles in return to mother Earth, thanking her for her beauty and her strength.

      Appearing out of the sky is a beautiful golden shimmering escalator . . . And it is just in front of the lighthouse . . . It beckens to us. I jump on it and behold in front of me is an alcove. On the right side of this alcove is a large standing crystal glass

      bowl of Holy Water and we bless ourselves. The Ankh Cross is above the portal and we have butterflies swirling around us.

      As we continue upward we feel lighter of body and it is at the second portal we meet some of our Archangels and guides. There is a vine on this portal with the Star of David in Gold on the center of the top. Next to the portal is a hugh Pearl on a pedestal. As I touch it I ask for God’s Pearl of Wisdom. God’s element of Air.

      The last portal is a purification of fire . . . It releases all negativity that we are surrounded with . . . It releases any doubts, any fears, and takes into our bodies only the “Light of God”. It is at this point that we turn right and see a beautiful table that is made of crystal which has an overlay outer edge of carved hearts in wood. The chairs are made of stone and as we sit down the stone conforms to our bodies. The hand of God is above us and the Holy Spirit comes down and surrounds us.

      Divine Love, Light, Healing, Peace and Joy enters us. Divine abundance is so powerful that it puts you immediately into Alpha state. God’s element of fire.

      We are then covered by an iridescent fabric that encloses us like a tent. This is done by our Guardian Angels who stay inside with us. Depending upon our needs, certain Archangels come in and Masters. Jesus is always present.

      “You raise me up on the mountain tops,

      You raise me up above the stormy seas,

      You raise me up and put me on your shoulders,

      Higher than I’ve ever been before.”

      We see in front of us a magnificent table - pure crystal energy and around the table is wooden shaped hearts . . . Around the table are stone chairs. As we sit on these stone chairs each one conforms to the shape of our body and we feel like we are floating . . . Surrounding us now , placed by the angels is a shimmering soft looking tent . . . Above us is the energy and beam of Golden Light of the God essence. Then the Hand of God appears opens up and the Holy Spirit comes over each of in the form of a Dove.

      We put our hands on the crystal table and ask God to send His Golden Healing Love and Light to all of His Children and Mother Earth. Those of us who do Reiki are also sending the magnifying symbols to Mother Earth. If we have a prayer list we say it here. In fact, we usually all do this together. The love that we send down to Mother Earth is beyond our expectations. We stay here for a while in absolute joy, bliss, peace and total unconditional love to all, to the Divine in all of God’s Children.

      By this time we have a beautiful rainbow over us.

      Time now to go back to Mother Earth and it is difficult to leave the radiance and shimmering light and Gold beam of God.

      The shimmering tent raises and in turn we get up from our seats and go towards the Golden Escalator. We pass thru the fire portal , purified even more and now we have our robes back on. At this time I hear “Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in excelsis deo” . . . The second alcove’s vine has grown and we gently pass through it and are given the pearl . . . Floating further down to the first alcove we ask God to continue to bless us and receive Metta floating down upon us . . . “Thy Will dear God, be done.

      We reach the rocks and the lighthouse.

      We now walk towards this Forest Portal and find ourselves surrounded by many little people, devas and waiting for us is One or more of our power animals . . . We walk with them full Of the magnificent energies of the trees in the forest . . . Dancing Joyously. All of a sudden there is a clearing . . . We align ourselves in a Circle feeling energies from Sacred Mother Earth and energies coming down through our Crown Chakras from our Creator, the Source of ALL and it meets with the earth's energy and mingles together.  We are now all one and in total.   WE ARE OUR OWN SACRED CIRCLE. 

       In the center the ones on our healing List are visible and absorbing the pure essence of Love that we NOW ARE.

      We stay here for a few moments in total PEACE . . . Loving each Other unconditionally . . . Compassionately. How Sacred every

      Single one of you are.

      It is time now for I see another shimmering portal opening and it is time For us to leave this sacred space. Let me know when you are ready .


      Now you need to become grounded. Are you ready?

      Then we ground . . .

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