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Fw: What your name means. . . . .

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: This is a pretty good link. In it you can put your original name that you were born with and then, if you like, do it again with the name you
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2007
       Hello everyone:
      This is a pretty good link.  In it you can put your original name that you were born with and then, if you like,  do it again with the name you now use, just to see what information you get and to show how entering different information changes the output.
      In that way you will find out the characteristics you were born with by using the name you wer born with as well as the  characteristics you are now living by -- which you may find of great interest -- I know I did.
      A numerologist told me that when you change your name in any way, like when a woman gets married and uses her marriage name instead of her real name, it sometimes you will change some of your characteristics and character traits as well, because we all know that when people have been married a long time, marriage brings about some changes in the person and how they live their lives -- or at least that is what the spiritual numerologist who did my chart told me.
      A few years ago when had a spiritual numerologist do my chart, she used the name I was born with and then the name I now use, which I went back to after my last marriage because it feels more comfortable to me.  And she informed me that my comfort with my name was important and that because of that feeling and because I had claimed it as my own that I needed to also check out the aspects of it as well -- which she also included in my numerology output report.
      I am not sure how any of you feel about numerology, but I find it extremely interesting and I was very impressed with the output I reeived from linking into this link.
      If you do not wish to use it,  that is fine.  Just delete it now, with my blessings.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,

      What Your Name Means



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