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  • Dayawanti D'Sa
    Centered in The HeartSpace In Joy Tappin’ Love as the Energy of Creation And Celebrating Our Oneness in Our Uniqueness A newsletter by Dayawanti D’Sa,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2007


      Centered in The HeartSpace

      In Joy

      Tappin’ Love as the Energy of Creation

      And Celebrating Our Oneness in Our Uniqueness

      A newsletter by Dayawanti D’Sa,

      Energy Psychology Practitioner and Applied Kinesiologist

      (¨`·.·´¨) from
            `·.¸(¨`·.·´¨) my
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      Sunday Sept 30th, 2007

      Crystal Clear Intentions

      When you’d like to send a message to the Universe that you’d like to deliberately create something, it helps to send a crystal clear intention to the Universe.  Writing it down clearly, gives no room for doubt or double-mindedness.  Once it is written-down, you allow The U to bring it to you quicker and faster, and with grace and ease.

      Take a look at the clear vision that is given on Page 42 (Miscellanous Addendums) of this attached manual for a home that someone would like to manifest.  If you did not get the attachment, then you can download the manual for free from www.starorchid.net  . The name of the manual is Li Lan Chan - Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path – 2 – Soul Contract Addendum Changes.  It is a free download.

      Then using that as a springboard, send out your own Crystal Clear Intentions into the Universe.  Remember to call in your guides – we each have at least 14 guides working with us, and many more than that these days in this era of ascension….and check in with them until you reach a clear consensus and you all agree that the Crystal Clear Intentions you set out are for your highest good!  Then sign it and date it and keep it in a place where it becomes your guiding vision in that area of your life. Read it every day, along with all your other soul contract addendum changes, so that your mind “gets it” on a day to day basis, that this is what you want to create from now on, with Crystal Clear Intention.



      P.S.- In order for the soul contract addendum changes to “take” fully and completely, remember to download Manual 3 as well, and do the exercises on page 77 and 82 (in the short version book), or on page 143 and 156 (in the full version book). ..otherwise you may find yourself regressing to old habits, instead of living your new crystal clear intentions.  I wish you all the fulfillment and joy of your visions and intentions.  Please share your stories. Love, and blessings, Dayu


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