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To Share final Angel Message of the Day -- This one from Angela McGerrl;s Heart and Soul Cards

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone again tonight: I used this special graphic that I snagged from one of Polly Menendez and Cynthia Schlosser s (and Gulshan, as well) Cosmic Angel
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2007
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      Hello everyone again tonight:
      I used this special graphic that I snagged from one of Polly Menendez and Cynthia Schlosser's (and Gulshan, as well) Cosmic Angel cards because I needed a card on balance.  I wish I had been able to show a picture of an angel with scales, perfectly balanced, but I did not have one of those in my files.  So I used this one instead, which showed two different angels, exactly the same, thereby being perfectly balances.  Thanks Polly and company for sharing special graphic in your special angel messages so I could use it today.
      The message for today, then is from Guardian Angel Dokiel, who is the Guardian Angel of Balance.  And this card then is the card of mind, body and spirit energy balance; and it is was drawn from Pagiel's Suit of Heart's Desire Angels for all of us today.
      Now for the rest of this message for today:
      "Dokiel suggest that you need to bring balance to an aspect of life as well.  It may be home- or work-related, or may concern harmony between the physical, material and spiritual self, but either way, you should review your position, for it is preventing you from identifying your true heart's desire.  If it is your work/life balance that is at fault, then this lies within your choice to change.  However hard it seems, you can exercise free will and, with Dokiel's support, make necessary decisions for change.
      "Dokiel holds the ancient and sacred form of the scarab within his light wings to show you its beauty, for it symbolizes the harmony of all man's nine subtle mind, body and spirit energy bodies.  Consider the simple yet powerful and life-changing symmetry of this image of the body.  Invoke Dokiel for guidance on how to bring this perfection into your own life, because in today's world, we all want material and lifestyle things, but we should balance this with spiritual direction and development.  Work at bringing the point of energy equilibrium into your higher heart, aiding you in balancing your masculine and feminine self (horizontally in your body) with the physical/spiritual self (vertically in your body).  Dokiel tells you that this leads to identifying your true heart's desires, ones that bring harmony derived from both inner and outer wholeness."
      I found these words today very inspirational but also a bit intense, so I think I need to read this message over a few times before I try to the things that are suggested here.  When I see a messages that talks about bringing energy equilibrium into my higher heart, I believe that this means that I need to take some time for meditation to get this to happen in the proper way.  Consequently, I will be referring to this lesson a few times, each time I try to do the things mentioned here.
      Again, do continue to enjoy your evening and when you do go to sleep, may your sleep be like the sleep of the angels.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Because I was unable to find any music on Balance at all, I am using this one instead because I find it so very relaxing and soothing to my mind and soul.  It is called 'Guan Yin Monastic midi, and my Aussie Music Angel, Gaele Arnott, shared it with me.  So I am not sure of the source, but if anyone knows or can tell me, do so and I will be glad to add it to my midi so I will know the next time I use it.  Be that as it may, I hope you all enjoy this music as much as I always do. 
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