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Re: << lovingpurelove >> Dewdrops ~ New Poem by Nachi

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  • Linda Lehdey
    thank you Nachi it has been a while Namaste Ellann ... From: nachi2006@gmail.com To: lovingpurelove@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, 2
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      thank you Nachi it has been a while

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      Dewdrops ~ A New Poem by Nachi
      Life is
      a great illusion..
      a mirror reflexion..
      an interplay of happiness & sorrow, of shadows & light
      that is the call of wisdom by the Great Sages
      the great truth, that awaits for us all, to be understood
      and yet....

      even as the spirit consoles my heart
      with this understanding. ..

      tears run down on my cheeks.
      like dewdrops of rain
      falling gently on my palms

      the spirit is all powerful & divine..
      I know this..
      yet and yet..

      my heart is moist..
      with entanglement of Love & Pain
      and a life full of wandering adrift

      yet and yet...
      I know this..
      life blooms, where it rains...


      There is the spiritual truth..the Divine..the Light of Spirit..God. . and there is life..which goes on inspite of all and any laws..sometimes being too harsh on us..to bear.

      While one is told that one has to choose the laws above the life's apparent reality & our responses to it.. I feel each stands its ground..and maybe there is a place for everything..

      Love may heal it all..and yet.. the pause remains..open wide..for all thats stings our heart..what becomes of it..is a different consequence. .but a tiny space lies between our understanding of life and of what life is..

      It does not diminish the power of love/light/divine. .I think instead it only adds more respect to it.

      **The love that I am speaking about is not in regard to a person..but is of loving life/call of the divine.

      Thank You for appriciating and Loving My Poems..

      Much Love,


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