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Re: << lovingpurelove >> Re: Who Held the Derivatives Contracts? Re: Rockefeller Rothschild Bilderberg WorldBank IMF

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  • Rongomatane
    Just to put the record straight. Kia ora is a greeting in my native tongue and Arohanui means big love. Aroha = Love nui = big. And Yes I am Maori of
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      Just to put the record straight.  Kia ora is a greeting in my native tongue and Arohanui means big love. Aroha = Love nui = big. And Yes I am Maori of Aotearoa/New Zealand
      Interesting that you are using Maori terminology, considering that Maori are still fighting the injustices endured by the colonists, it was only three years ago that our foreshores and sea bed were confiscated. Even though Native title has not been extinguished.
      My advice to anyone who has money invested in finance companies, take your money out and put it in blue chip investments. Here in NZ finance companies are folding, it's almost like a domino effect, and if it's happening here in NZ you can guarantee that it will be happening else where in the world.
      If you really want to know who is behind all this,  the evidence of who the peoples are that have control over all of humanity, and have been behind these acts of terror on a global scale, the majority of world leaders are the puppets of these few families that have had it over us for x amount of long time. Their game is up, they have been found out, the evidence is stacked against them. We  know the truth, and these few families are doing everything in their power to stop the truth getting out there to humanity.
      The closer you get to the truth and if you have any evidence, you have to take extra care with your security, cause these families are desperate now. They will and have done some horrendous things to stay in control of humanity.
      So please take extra care with your security, always turn your computer off when not in use, do not leave your computer connected to the Internet if you are not in attendance, even for five minutes. Be mindful when using the phone take care in what you speak of. Remembering that there are people who are employed full time just watching and listening.
      If sending and receiving sensitive documents, use a fax machine which is separate from your computer, these cannot be hacked into, only if the fax is through the computer. Do not store any sensitive documents on your computer take them off, put them somewhere else, and always have hard copy for back up.
      Good luck with your search, but do please take care of yourselves. The powers that be are getting desperate, they know their time is up and they will do what ever it takes to stay in power and have control over us all.
      Always remember you are dealing with desperate people they do not want this truth getting out, and these guys play dirty and for keeps.
      I call on the Angelic Realm to protect you, as you uncover more truth, to share this truth with humanity for the highest good of all.
      In gratitude & love
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      Date: 09/02/07 17:18:00
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Re: Who Held the Derivatives Contracts? Re: Rockefeller Rothschild Bilderberg WorldBank IMF
      kia ora, Arlene,
      Maori blessings.
      everyone in the world knows 9/11 was an inside
      job ... everyone with even the most rudimentary
      education and intelligence ... I am obviously NOT
      talking about the 'cattle', 'pre-human' serf/clones.
      and there were thousands of people who knew,
      in advance, and during, and after the fact,
      WHO held those Derivatives contracts of $50
      Billion, leveraging $50 Trillion in corporate
      I am sure Adam Hamilton knows:
      though I haven't gotten him to respond yet.
      ditto Reginald Howe and Robert Landis:
      the SEC knows, and all their buddies, and
      every 'Big Boy' who calls their shots.
      either you posted the list, or you didn't.
      did you? which edition? which article?
      that is obviously what we are trying to find
      out at this time. [in addition to whether it
      is about to happen again, and who the thousands
      of 'manipulators' are this time ...]
      meanwhile, I will keep asking around on my
      arohanui, enfolding love,
      Millennium Twain
      cc: Benjamin Fulford, Jeff Rense
      In TheIlluminati, Arlene Johnson <presidentnsi> wrote:
      In terms of who held derivatives connected with 9/11,
      check the later editions ... Nobody knew who took the
      put options before 9/11 occurred at the beginning of
      that crime, but later it came out. I really can't
      remember if I included who it was, but do remember
      reading who it was, so may have included it. Check
      in the editions from 24 to 27 to see if that info
      is there ...
      ... My coverage of 9/11 began with the 4th edition and
      continues to this day, however, because I knew from
      the beginning that it was an inside job and have
      proved it over and over ...
      Arlene Johnson
      To access the e-zine, click on the Magazine icon.
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