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To Share Some Words from my Little Desk Calendar entitled: 'Angels All Around Us'

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: I am using this graphic of Archangel Gabriel that I got from the Hierarchy of Angels website. I have a couple of other graphics of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2007
      Hello everyone:
      I am using this graphic of Archangel Gabriel that I got from the Hierarchy of Angels website.  I have a couple of other graphics of this archangel also; however, since I do not recall where I got them from right now, I am not going to use them until I figure that out.  Interestingly enough, Gabriel is said to be the only female archangel, in some schools of thought in this area, Linda Georgian for example in her book 'Your Guardian Angels.'  In fact , in some books I read while I was researching angels for my doctoral dissertation, some writers even called her Gabrielle.  So while this depiction does not fit in with that idea, it is the only one I have on hand that I know its source.  And since I promised myself recently to always give credit where credit is due for my graphics because one woman got very upset that I was not giving the names of the authors or creators of the graphics I share, that is what I am trying to do today. 
      Amway, I used this graphic because one of these messages today is about this angel, whose name means 'God is My Strength.'
      So let me now get to these messages for today because it is getting later than I had thought.
      First of all, for the message about Gabriel, or Gabrielle, whichever is correct:
      "On January 12, 1951, Pope Pius XII declared Gabriel to be the Patron of those involved in electronic communication,
      television, telephone and telegraph, thus emphasizing function as a messenger."
      -----Manly P. Hall,
      The Blessed Angels
      "Angels as bearers of God's message and presence
      are usually so impressive because of the extraordinary light or brilliance of their being."
      ----- Mary Drahos,
      Angels of God, Guardians Dear
      "There lives an Angel so gentle and charming t hat all who meet her
      want to remain in her midst.
      The time comes, though, when each person has to go into the world,
      and when that time comes,
      the Angel gives to each whatever gift is asked of her (or him).
      ----- Suzanne Siegel Zenkel,
      Your Secret Angel
      "An angel's love, like a quiet summer day,
      is as uncomplicated as breathing in and out."
      ----- Kathryn Schein
      I do hope that these messages resonated with some of you today as they are the ones that spoke to me in a big way.
      Continue to enjoy your day, and this may be my last communication for today.  I still have to put up some more groceries and cook dinner for my son before he goes to work.  And then be ready to go to class by 5:30.  So again, let me wish for you lots of healing energy and love all around you and may your day bring you all you had hoped for.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Midi I shared today is called, interestingly enough, 'Angels of God.'  Enjoy!
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