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Soul Curry ~ A New Poem to Share

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  • nachi2006@gmail.com
    Nature 1 The soul is invisible, independent and basic ingredient of us all.. the heart is catalyst than can turn us everything into light of Love.. and the
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      Soul Curry ~ A New Poem to Share


      The soul is invisible, independent
      and basic ingredient of us all..

      the heart is catalyst
      than can turn us everything into light of Love..

      and the mind is the key
      with which one opens the door,
      to reach to the catalyst and merge into soul.

      Each has a unique place, & definite role to play in our life.
      we can exist without soul..nor can we survive without heart..
      cant reach to anywhere without clear, focused mind..


      strange is this way that although we are nothing but soul..
      we must find our way through this journey of life
      to reach to this place..where we already are..
      to meet & be this being...that already exists in us..
      a journey of hundreds of human birth,
      made up of pain, pleasure, lust & love..

      All to arrive at this conclusion..thats already been meet
      one may take any whichever road that one likes..
      but in the end..the destination is the same..

      No matter how fast or slow you begin..
      no matter how painful or comforting your journey is..
      you can never stray in this journey, never loose your way..

      Its not the matter of time..nor your will..
      you can have it any way it pleases your heart..
      in simple ways..or make it difficult for yourself..
      there is no loser in this game..
      this game is played for being and not winning.

      and when the circle is completed & the destination is reached
      everyone is served this sweet & sour soul curry
      made up of sweet nectar of love, with a tinge of sour mind..
      the one's who arrive first..and the one's who arrive in the end..
      drinks the same one glass full..
      surrendering the mind, body & heart to God..
      realizing that the all pervading, invisible soul is all there is in life.


      {Sole curry - is a drink sweet & sour drink made of kokam a sweet n sour fruit. The drink has red like red wine..but it is not a Alcohol beverage. I have twisted the name to meet the reference that i had in my mind.)

      Dear All,

      For years I have tried to fit in words for to make it easy to understand for others..trying to reach to everyone..and perhaps to have validation from all..and douse all my doubts..and fears about my poetry.. well today I have not made any such attempt..

      I have written in a way that perhaps may not made sense for everyone..I hate to be trapped into measurement of words..trying to make a perfectly fit poem..that would fit all.. perhaps my poem may fit only myself..and may not make any sense to anyone..

      I cant keep on worrying about my worth as a poet all the time..nor can I stop writing..for its something that fills my life with meaning & magic.

      Just felt to write from heart.

      Much Love,


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