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Speak gently..from soul..~ A New Poem By Nachi

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  • nachi2006@gmail.com
    Nature 1 Speak gently..from soul.. let the stream of love flow from your heart to your lips and shower on the earth like rain..falling down softly not to stir
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2007
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      Speak gently..from soul..
      let the stream of love
      flow from your heart to your lips
      and shower on the earth

      like rain..falling down softly
      not to stir the lakes
      but to wash them gently,

      how a mother bathes her newborn son..
      gently, calming the mind..

      soothing the body, quenching all the thirst
      with a caring touch that's spelled as LOVE.


      Be gentle to thy self..
      life is too demanding like an infant
      that cries for attention, wanting love
      holding all the energy & nerves..of its parent

      sure there are sleepless nights,
      worries & heartaches..

      what will happen to this baby?
      will it bloom as beautifully as I dream it to be?

      Who can know the answers to these questions?
      and can we wait till the answers come?
      the questions are never ending..

      and your baby shall always remain to be your baby..
      no matter how much big or tall it grows..
      you may think of it as a the Holy Cross
      that every parent must weigh on its shoulder

      to see that his/her children have all the love in the world.
      Remember this tiny tot can read your eyes..
      it can read if you are happy or sad..
      it grows in Your image of yourself..

      you could carry the hurt in your eyes..
      your voice could be tired & lost
      and all this shall find its place
      in the heart of your child..

      like a unfulfilled legacy..a burden to carry..
      it may feel unwanted, unloved..
      to live a unfilled life..a promise, Gift gone to waste..

      So be gentle with yourself..now..
      let your eyes shine the light of love..
      be kind to self..in every regard..
      in words, deeds, silence & even in breath..

      This shall serve as the best gift ever
      that you can give to your child..
      making it feel wanted, loved & cared.
      in complete trust & in image of light & love..

      that serves highest good not only of itself
      but of the parent..that who you are in becoming
      carrying the good even further ahead
      making this world a wonderful place
      and thus divinely blessed


      Dear All,
      Every person has his place, moment where he is one with God. Some can do that all the time..some can do it through prayer or meditation..and than can expand this experience to their life.
      My moments with God are many..but the most intimate, loving moments are those when I am writing a poem..there is a sacredness in it..as if I am giving up something..all the meaning..words..to God to configure and understand..and then I am left with this unparallel joy when the poem is finally shaped up..its like to have ones prayer answered.
      I felt to share this poem..with everyone..because I feel that we may be living on different levels of intellect, wisdom, love..but when we pray..or love God..there each experience is sacred and holy..
      so just as you bring in your sacredness and joy..I too love to bring my basket and fruits of love.
      As for the poem in question.

      I love to feel metaphors, pictures, images in my mind. While writing this poem I felt and assumed life as a child..and a we are the duty bound parent.

      Although it is generally believed the other way around..that life is something bigger than us..I love to explore and look at it from a different view.

      sometimes life does seem so vulnerable, open & childlike..

      I would love to know what you think of this poem.

      Please suggest a title to this poem and post your views.

      Much Love & Gentle Hugs,


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