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To Share Final Angel Card Message for Today -- Heart and Soul Angel Cards from Angela McGerr

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone again today: As I said, this will be the final angel card message for today. So maybe I can now get around to reading all of the messages that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2007
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      Hello everyone again today:
      As I said, this will be the final angel card message for today.  So maybe I can now get around to reading all of the messages that came in yesterday and this morning, when I was not able to be on-line.  I usually do not  share  these cards themselves because most of the time they are more symbolic instead of showing true graphics; however, this time, the card showed the actual Lion of the Solar Lords so I am sharing it with all of you today, for your enjoyment.
      First of all, the card I drew for all of us today came from the Suit of Mystical Animal Guides, and is called the 'Solar Lion with Ankh of the Sun Lords.  This is the card that ignites the Sun within:  true power of will and mind and one that links Raphael, Mazuriel, Hermes, Trismegistos and Eth.
      And the message from this card for today is:
      "Indomitable Lion of the Solar Lords reminds you that the Sun provides life-force energy and planet Earth exists under the Solar Logos.  With yellow-gold rays, he helps you unlock the true force of will and intent.  First, work with him to ignite the power of Earth's Sun by breathing it into your solar chakra and extending it then to revitalize all energy centers.  Now, for loving intent, breathe in Moon power to balance through the heart -- this is a key step to healing mastery of body and mind.  Then go further if Lion beckons you on, urging you to have the will to strive toward Oneness of spirit with the Christ Consciousness energy emanating from our Central Universal Sun.  From there, the way of Love and Light leads you to Mazuriel, the Central Sun of all Central Suns, Sacred Heart of the Creator.  Such bliss is a gift of Spirit to be used with care to benefit All Life, and is gained only through the open heart.
      "With unity of heart's desire and soul purpose, Solar Lion also offers the ankh of resurrection and everlasting life.  Then you unlock further spiritual power and can achieve anything -- even the perfect Divine self (Adam Kadmon) as the ankh opens the door to Time's eternal secrets."
      Personally, I found today's message to be a little intense but very powerful, so I do hope that some of you, at least, found some words  inspiring and worthy of further thought here today.
      Again, enjoy the rest of your afternoon and may your evening be filled with serenity and joy.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Again I thought I had a midi or a wav when I did not (I was looking for 'Here Comes the Sun' but do not have it even though I though I did) so I am just sharing this one, called 'Sunshine on my Shoulder,' a song recorded by John Denver that most everyone is familiar with, just so we can all remember how good it feel to have sunshine on our shoulders as well as in our lives.
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