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The Ooranya Kalori - Your Rainbow Message for Today - NUMBER 127 - 4 July 2007 - The purpose of mankind, like that of all other creation, is to sustain asa. For mankind, this occurs through active participation in life and the exercise of good thoughts

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  • Rupunda. Moving with the Rainbow Wind an
    Radiating Compassionate Rainbow Love from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love (c)Elija Rupunda (The Ooranya Kalori)- 4 July 2007 All words and graphics may be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2007

      Radiating Compassionate Rainbow Love from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love

       (c)Elija Rupunda (The Ooranya Kalori)- 4 July 2007 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
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      On Lisa's Group Spiritually Speaking there was an article
      Will the Real You Please Stand Up?
      B Y   F R A N   H A R R I S,   Ph D
      It was Excerpted from the book Will the Real You Please Stand Up? Copyright © 2007 by Fran Harris. Reprinted with permission of Health Communications, Inc.,
      I looked at parts of it all day wondering what i was supposed to do with it
      I know as far as i am concerned that I no longer know who the real me is
      another day in the emergency room of the hospital on Tuesday
      The pain in my body indescribable
      I know why those addicted to any substance fro any reason find it so hard to stay "Drug Free"
      I said to my Doctor
      Now i know what Hell is like
      He smiled and said you are not there yet
      There is more ARGH to come before i start upwards again
      How did i get myself Drug Dependent
      I sure never went looking for it
      all the drugs were given with good intent to relieve pain
      so why am i like this
      OK one minute and screaming the next and not knowing who i am
      Yet I do still believe
      Everything is Perfect and I am in the Right Time at the right Place
      I am doing all the "Stuff" I know and Teach
      Others are as well and I can never thank them enough
      So who is the Real Me?
      I know the Physical me is ???Somewhere are healing???
      I know the Spiritual and etheric Me is also changing far beyond the physical components of my Physical Body
      I have asked for it to end
      I have asked to ascend NOW
      but the answer is always
      NOT YET
      You still have work to do
      I have wonderful people in my life all around the world
      I have wonderful Souls and Spirits in my Life in every dimension of Time and Space
      I Know it, I Feel It
      I have NO DOUBT
      despite the physical anguish I and my family and dearest friends are enduring as well
      So WHO is the Real Me
      Malcolm Humphreys, Jag, Rupunda, Hajji Hazri, Pema Sangay ........................................
      I know different people are more comfortable with some names than others and that's OK with me
      Who is the Real Me
      The Spirit that came to Planet Erath in October 1945 had changed more than once in the last 62 Earth Years
      The Spirit in my Soul at the moment is of Tibetan Origin
      will this be
      until my life's journey ends
      I do not know
      I know that each day I am here on Planet Earth I have to learn more about LOVE and FORGIVENESS
      and its  "KARMIC" implications in all dimensions of time and Space
      I know that's why at Night I spend so much time in the Eye of the Needle above the Cosmic Buddha Portal above Borabadur with my Cosmic Consort
      I Know I currently live in a Country that is obsessed with the intertwining of Religion (ISLAM) with POLITICS that RELIGION turns me OFF - BIG TIME
      as i seek to understand the real spiritual journey of my Soul
      I believe in my Heart and Soul that God however we see GOD does not approve of ANY RELIGION as it is practiced on Planet Earth
      I believe that Religion as taught and practiced)  is destroying Humanity and will destroy Earth
      IN THE NAME OF ??GOD??
      Yet I also understand that Humans need "Religion"
      Now as i close today I ant to pose question
      Today in IRAN life is harder that usual with a ration of 100 litres of Petrol (Gas) a Month
      Yet they will Survive
      What is the Message of Zoroaster
      From Zoroaster to Rumi we see the web and flow of Persian genius in its marvellous unfoldment.
      Is there a Persian Genius at Work Now that is going to open our eyes especially in our need for fossil fuels
      the article ends with these words
      before the court of Sound Reasoning that enunciates atmosphere of justice for all for the sake of the betterment of Humanity and for the sake of the happy and bright future of humanity both distant and far-distant.

      Read more about Zoroaster here

      [edit] Philosophy

      In his revelation, the poet sees the universe is the cosmic struggle between aša "truth" and druj "lie". The cardinal concept of aša - which is highly nuanced and only vaguely translatable - is at the foundation of all other Zoroastrian doctrine, including that of Ahura Mazda (who is aša), creation (that is aša), existence (that is aša) and Free Will, which is arguably Zoroaster's greatest contribution to religious philosophy.

      The purpose of mankind, like that of all other creation, is to sustain aša. For mankind, this occurs through active participation in life and the exercise of good thoughts, words and deeds.

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