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Decoding the Divine: Angel Messages, With Cynthia Schlosser

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      Subject: Decoding the Divine: Angel Messages, With Cynthia Schlosser

      > MA'AT MAGAZINES > July, 2007 > Decoding the Divine: Angel Messages
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      Decoding the Divine: Angel Messages,
      a tool for Transformation and Creation

      With Cynthia Schlosser

      By Julia Griffin

      Master artist and astrometaphysician, Cynthia Schosser, shares her insights on the angel teachings, which she calls "a flame of wisdom that has been kept alive for millennia". The messages are presented as ancient codes, deciphered through the Kabala, astrology, and alchemy to alter consciousness into divine realization.

      Julia: What are the messages or codes?

      Cynthia: The angel messages are beautiful interpretations of ancient energy teachings presented as astrological information, involving meditative material that includes color, virtues or qualities, sound and parts of the body as invoked through letters of the alphabet according to Kabala. There is one angel message for each of the 360 degrees of the astrological wheel which forms a circle. The circle represents the zone of energy that girds the earth. This zone "beams" the 360 messages containing our divine blueprint into the earth

      The zone girdling the earth is a protective uterus around the planet, which is like an impregnated egg. The uterus is beaming 360 informational codes into this developing egg or the earth so that it transforms itself into alpha and omega, heaven on earth, the original divine blueprint.

      Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her. The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence. The angelic beings are invoked through meditation on the letters of their names, which interpret into color, sound, qualities or energy.

      The words, phrases and concepts are our inheritance as children of Divine Being, transcending any aspects of our current culture, our educational and religious systems. Assuming that the angel messages represent an ancient code, then these codes will liberate us into our divine nature. They simply trigger remembrances of this nature and activate our DNA.

      These messages are simply an instruction manual, so that people can apply them on a practical basis from wherever they are, on whatever level they are, from before even being a beginner to very advanced. They are emailed daily to whoever asks for them.

      Julia: Tell me about the daily angel messages. How do we use them?

      Cynthia: Every day we receive an angel message, and the message is about the energies that are predominant on the earth that day. It is expressed through a particular degree of the zodiac, according to the sun's position in tropical astrology. So if today is 4 degrees Cancer, then whatever that message is about, then that energy is here to use. The angel message gives highly specific instructions on how to use the energy through invocation of that angelic host, which rules 4 degrees Cancer.

      For example, if the moon and signs are used for gardening, it is beneficial to plant on a waxing moon in the sign of Cancer. The seeds have a high germination rate and grow rapidly. Planting on a waning moon in a fire sign, such as Aries, is less beneficial. The germination rate is lower, and the seeds grow more slowly. It doesn't mean that the seeds don't germinate or grow, it is just more difficult. Using the angel messages creates alignment with the higher forces that influence the planetary zone.

      Every message has the name of an angelic group that rules that particular day as an expression of the zodiac as a specific degree of one of 12 signs. The names and meaning of angel groups come from the Kabala, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

      The angelic group can be invoked through focusing or meditating on the qualities of the letters, which are letters from the Kabala that make up the angelic name. The ancient letters of the Kabala have a power of their own, and it is expressed through color, virtues, sound or a note, and a part of the body.

      Additionally, each letter represents one of the five (akasha or ether is an element which is also represented by fire) elements. The four elements are fire, air, water, and earth. Fire is first the akasha, or state of pure being and unity with divine being and all creation, then it becomes active as fire that creates the desire or will to do something. Water heals emotional states. Air heals mental patterns or repetitive negative thoughts. If we have a physical problem or want to manifest something in the physical world, we learn that feelings attract change in the physical realm. we also concentrate on the earth element of shape, weight, length and breadth. Earth also brings things into form. There are also brain waves that correspond to these elements.

      On the most basic level, you could just read the message. Meditating on the colors, elements and letters will bring a deeper perception. For example, you could just meditate on the colors or elements to invoke desire, clear mental states or thought forms, calm the emotions or bring health for a mental state.

      The air element could be invoked through the letter "A" for ease and contentment to move through "stuck" thoughts or a water element such the letter "M" could be invoked for healing negative feelings and transforming them into calm or peace. The power of the letters is increased by focusing on the color; such as light blue in the letter "A" or blue-green with the letter "M". The letter "R" is an earth sign for expression for inner guidance; its color is golden. We can add the qualities or virtues, sounds and parts of the body as the practice develops.

      Divine Love, Will and Wisdom are the three rays that comprise the astrological signs. We can bring in these energies through use of vibration or oscillation found in color, sound and the vehicle of the body, itself. When we use these vibrations in synchronicity with the code or letters of an angelic host, then the effect of these energies with the name is a catalyst for manifestation and healing. We study each of the signs and elements so that we learn about will, love and wisdom to perfect this qualities and waves within ourselves

      On the highest level, we can use all aspects of the angel messages to heal repetitive situations, trauma and difficulties by seriously invoking the hosts through deep meditation. The angelic hosts can also be invoked for conscious creation through manifestation of desire. An individual's chart can be read to determine the angelic energies present.

      Julia: Can you explain the astrological references in the angel messages?

      Cynthia: In our English language, we call them the twelve signs and have our way of conceiving of them and talking of them. The angel messages take the concept of 360 degrees of what is called astrology into a different level.

      The study is through the degrees of the astrological zodiac. The 360 informational codes are expressed through the paradigm of astrology. In astrology, we have 360 degree circle and every degree of the zodiac is found in these 360 degrees. It is a circle that you go around it through study of each of the 30 degrees of the 12 signs which equals 360 degrees. You travel through the wisdom of the degrees of the zodiac.

      There are four elements that comprise the 12 signs. They are fire, air, water and earth. Each of the elements has a particular energy as an expression of the 3 Divine Rays. The Rays are Divine Will, Divine Love, and Divine Wisdom. Divine Wisdom is the offspring or synthesis of Divine Will and Divine Love.

      There are four signs under love, four under will, and four under wisdom. There is one earth sign, one water sign, one fire sign and one air sign under each of the rays, thus forming the expressions of each of the rays through the astrological signs. Every thing is created through the expression of these four elements under the rays.

      Understanding the interaction of the divine rays through the signs is how we can become conscious creators. Our study of the angel messages teaches us to align our consciousness with these three rays by understanding duality and aligning it with the One or divine love.

      Fire is an expression of will. Will is the beginning of any manifestation. Desire must be present to put anything into form. On the highest level, will to love or will to wisdom results from connecting with a state of pure being. The three fire signs are expression of will. Aries is will to will. Leo is will to love. Sagittarius is will to wisdom.

      Pure being or will toward pure being is then translated into deep inner thought or mental form. Air is deep inner thought. Deep inner thought is about understanding the impetus of the three rays. The air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, are understanding wisdom, understanding love and understanding will.

      The water signs are about feelings. They are feelings of will (Cancer), feelings of love (Scorpio) or feelings of wisdom (Pisces). The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, are manifesting love, manifesting divine wisdom and manifesting will. So fire is will; air is understanding; water is feelings; and earth is manifesting. They represent the exact process that we, as creators, must use to put desire into physical form to manifest it.

      The first energies of fire and air are electric. Water and earth are magnetic. Fire and air create the manifestation through will and mental thought. The magnetic waves, which are about feelings, receive the creation and attract it into form. This is electromagnetic energy, which is also an expression of polarity or duality. Duality is absolutely essential to create anything in physical form.

      By learning how to use duality properly or in a balanced form, like the yin and yang, we can create for the highest good of our selves and the planet. This is divine love. This is what the angel messages are about…also about healing our selves so that we can align with the unified field. The unified field is The One Being.

      Julia: How do the brainwaves correspond to the elements? How do we can use this knowledge?

      Cynthia: To really understand this, you have to get into electromagnetic energy — your delta and theta brainwaves are electric, and your alpha and beta brainwaves are primarily magnetic. The delta and theta create, and the alpha and beta waves receive the creation and attract it into manifestation. The brainwaves correspond to the elements. This is what these messages are about.

      Delta is akasha and fire. It is the unified field. Delta at its slowest is akasha, at its fastest is fire. Fire represents will. Theta is air. It represents thought. Alpha is water, representing emotions. Beta is earth or sensations; seeing, feeling, touching, etc. and also memory and linear thought. The elements of fire, air, water, and earth correspond to the brain waves of delta, theta, alpha and beta.

      Human beings experience a predominance of each of the waves during developmental periods of life. Delta waves are predominant during infancy. Delta is also found in deep dreamless sleep, it is an experience of deep connection with the Supreme Being or omnipresence. A little later, in childhood, we experience a dominant state of theta brainwaves, which is deep inner thought. We also experience deep inner thought in dreams, ideally as reflection of oneness with all. In adolescence, the emotional component of alpha waves becomes dominant. Ideally, this would be experienced as deep, flowing feelings of the Oneness or the All. In the Beta state, which is experienced at puberty and through adulthood, we have a waking experience of sensation, memory and logic. We can experience the world through the tasting, sensation, feeling, hearing and seeing — the experience of the One (initially perceived in Delta) as the many or many pleasurable sensations of joy. We see, feel, taste, hear and touch the Divine Being in all of nature.

      We are not linear beings. The only part of us that is linear is the Beta brain wave level of consciousness, and this is about 25% of our being. Beta becomes predominant in puberty through adulthood. The other parts are: the alpha wave which are feelings; theta which is deep inner thought; and delta which is pure being, unity with divine mind, and all creation, and also the source of will. We need all four levels or it won't work. It's like having a car with one, two or three tires.

      When we are working with four elements, we are attempting to create a unified wave (all four brainwaves) that is in alignment with Divine Love, Divine Will and Divine Wisdom, because these are the attributes or the elements needed to create a desired manifestation. These states must be in alignment with Divine Love to manifest or resistance will block it. Everything exists by the virtue of being created by Divine Love and is also sustained by it.

      Julia: Manifestation is both a personal practice and a subject that I teach. The angel messages are amazingly accurate when used in manifestation. Through meditation on the messages, I found that the manifestation took form very perfectly and quickly. Can you comment on this?

      Cynthia: The angel messages are a reflection of divinity, taking us into our own Higher Consciousness that is a fractal in the likeness of God. These messages are not just beautiful pictures and words; they are codes that lead us into our infinite capacity to create. The codes are exact points that divine energy flows through to create form. By invoking the angels, you are creating at an exact point with exactly the correct energy. It is not hit or miss.

      The angels are real. They are intelligent powers, that when rightly used, with a pure heart, truly create miracles. When we, as part of The One, engage with a specific energy or angel group, through all of the parts of the message --the letters, color, virtues, sounds, and parts of the body -- we are both asking for and co-creating a specific miracle that occurs through cause and effect, resulting in divine grace and mercy. The miracle is that we become aware of our oneness with the Father, and our prayers are answered.

      Alchemy teaches us that we are the vessel for the desired change. The desired outcome cannot take place in the world unless it happens within you, as an entire body response, first. Altering the inner world is the answer to problems in the outer world.

      An answer to any prayer means flowing with the right emotions, having the right thought forms, experiencing the correct physical sensations and connecting to omnipresence or The One. The messages are a tool or a code that teach us exactly how to do this.

      Miracles are available to anyone who seeks with a pure heart and is open to the healing that is inherent in gaining the skills of manifestation or creation. Miracles are created through deep meditation on the steps of the message, which brings self-transformation.

      For example, let's look at the Angels of GOLOG or the Angels of Problem Solving in Science and Philosophy, Aries 15.


      In any meditation on the letters, first go deeply into a Delta brainwave state of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation. Then locate yourself in time and space by visualizing yourself as a tiny dot in your solar plexus with the rest of the body a vast universe all around. With each virtue, visualize the color shining from a tiny sun located in the region of ithe virtue's element. With the out breath [keeping the rhythm of the breath natural] then visualize this color and virtue passing through the pores of the skin over the virtue's body organ. Visualize it filling any person, object, situation, or even the entire universe, depending on inner guidance. On the inbreath, visualize this color and virtue coming back into the body through these same pores.

      Fire element is found in the head region.

      Air element is found in the lung region.

      Water element is found in the abdomen.

      Earth element is found in the legs.

      Dissolve the light in the body when you are finished to protect the natural balance of elements in the body.

      GOLOG solves problems in the material world to create new realities of love, particularly in philosophy and science. The ultimate purpose of all philosophy is to enhance seekers' paths to enlightenment in the mental realm for the purpose of transformation. Insights in philosophy are powerful spiritual tools necessary for the victory of love, because love transmutes all problems to a higher phase of consciousness.

      Letter "G": Imagine an emerald green light, shining to the musical note of F. This is a virtue of Grace and Mercy , the emotions, the water element, so meditate on it with sensations of coolness turning to chill. Grace and Mercy is true divine blessing that brings peace and abundance. The emerald green light shines through the left eye with the breath.

      Letter "O" (umlaut O): Umlaut O, eu , shines with a dark orange light to the musical note of D sharp. It is the powerful transmutation into perfection of any situation, thing, or problem through the power of cognition brought about by Love Divine. Its element is the densest expression of the akashic element of consciousness penetrating all, meditate on it with sensations of ethereal earth, of weight penetrating all. The omnipresent orange light is enlivened by radiating out from the ovaries and testicles with the breath.

      Letter "O": Transmutation brings justice and harmony. Divine Justice and harmony is the virtue of letter O. O shines with an ultramarine blue light to the musical note of C. Harmony is the key to mastery of astro and metaphysics. This virtue has the sensation of weight, because it is a virtue of the earth element of physical manifestation. Meditating on this virtue teaches the Child of Light that justice is harmony and harmony is justice. With this virtue, a person brings success and satisfaction to any situation in the physical world without incurring any negative karma, and also masters astrophysics and metaphysics. Divine Justice and Harmony shines through the throat and windpipe.

      Letter "L": L shines with beautiful translucent olive green light to the musical note of G. All of the divine virtues taken together form the divine virtue of letter L of 'Golog'. Meditating on this virtue awakens true spiritual morality, vitality, youthening, and awe of the splendor and majesty of Divine Being. This virtue shines with sensations of relaxation and ease, because it is a virtue of the air element of thought. Splendor and majesty shines through the spleen.

      Letter "O" and umlaut O: The deep orange light of transmutation and the ultramarine blue light of harmony are again enlivened.

      Letter "G": Divine Grace and Mercy, the final virtue, enlivens divine peace in the spirit, and brings about true happiness. In the material world it is this virtue that brings about abundance.

      Julia: So is a unified field necessary for manifestation?

      Cynthia: It is impossible to feel the joyful sensations that are potentially present in the Beta brainwave state until the Alpha brainwaves begin to flow in harmony with The One or Divine Love. The wounded part of yourself, the wounded inner selves, must be healed to experience a unified field.

      The alpha waves are feelings. Feelings determine our physical and mental experience. I believe that alpha brainwaves comprise approximately 80% of our experience of reality because our planet and bodies are approximately 80% water.

      Our reality is manifested mainly through our feelings, and our emotional experience. Emotional traumas will create our experience of reality until they are healed. The most powerful traumas are experienced early in life. We learn to deal with these early emotional wounds with deep empathy as we allow ourselves to flow with them in a safe and nondestructive way. Feelings are the water element, and like water, heal and change through flowing. Emotions are magnetic and they attract reality in a very real sense.

      You cannot experience the wonderful sensations of the many in one, the joy or love inherent in manifestation without meditation and conscious operation in delta, theta and alpha. Until you are healed emotionally, you could be in the most beautiful place in the world and NOT FEEL it. You will be miserable if you don't feel safe or don't feel loved

      Julia: Please explain how emotions create our reality through manifestation.

      Cynthia: Many people have been traumatized from conception on: pre-natal trauma, birth trauma, and childhood trauma. The brain cannot distinguish between emotional pain and physical pain. The same opiates that deaden and dull physical pain are stimulated by emotional pain. So the pain is dulled by the brain so that we can go on, and many people hold tension in the body because they have disassociated from painful emotions. Painful feelings that are unconscious are stored in the body tissue as tension, and this compromises the immune system. Feelings attract new realities into manifestation regardless of whether they are conscious feelings or unconscious ones.

      If you have a horrible childhood that never felt safe, you might want to visualize a safe world for everyone. The sine wave of that reality would have to be created through your delta, theta, alpha and beta brainwaves in a body way — in a whole body way — to send that out and affect the unified field. When you want to manifest and visualize a world of peace, then all of your fear will come up, which is why would you visualize it in the first place. No one would want to visualize or create this unless she or he didn't feel safe?

      If you were abused as a child, then you probably are projecting that quality on God. At that stage of cerebral development, we are very impressionable and if there was neglect or abuse, then we were damaged. Then our very concepts of reality are damaged. When everything is healed and in balance, you don't age or become ill or unhappy. For creation to exist, you have to have polarity and duality. Both destructive and positive forces are necessary. They can be kept in balance and harmony through healing our own inner realities.

      Whatever we want to manifest has to do with how we are emotionally wounded. If you have health, then you probably won't try to visualize it. You already know how to do that

      Emotion also affects outcome. The outcome is different if you ask from a place of feeling unworthy, than if you ask filled with the love and faith and confidence of being a child of God. We are Divine Beings, who are creating miracles all the time, but we are doing so from a somnambulistic state. We are having nightmares.

      In an emotionally wounded state we are using our Divine Powers to create what we don't want. We have to heal ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to attract what we want.

      When we turn our attention to our own wounded feelings with empathy and unconditional love, we heal. We can easily heal this in an afternoon through a technology that is explained in its most simple form in the angel messages.

      That is what the messages are about. That's what they do.

      Julia: Why are we are all so wounded? What can we do about it?

      Cynthia: Generations of war and religions, manipulated by the destructive forces on the planet, have damaged all of us. These forces manipulate on all four levels, but primarily with our emotions, to keep our feelings dark and negative. Polarity — hot and cold, day and night — are necessary for creation, but the destructive forces have been out of balance.

      For example, if you interpret part of creation as good or bad creation, then you might decide to eliminate what is "bad" creation. This creates war and strife. We want balance and harmony, not destruction of what we term good or bad creation. Constructive forces are needed for a tree to grow with beautiful limbs, to give oxygen to the planet, but when the tree falls down, the destructive forces are needed. By breaking the tree down, it becomes rich soil that feeds the forest floor.

      The yin and yang must exist, but when they operate according to The Law of One, this prime law of creation overrides all other laws that may exist in any reality. This divine law activates the DNA of all creation. It is the only the highest good happening for all creation. We can call on it at any time.

      This is the Law of One: We are all One. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed. Therefore, in the name of I AM that I AM, one with all; I ask that only that which is the highest good for all happen here and now, and through all time and space.

      I give thanks that this is done. So be it!

      The Law of One works with the beings of salamander (fire), undines (water), sylphs (air) and gnomes (earth). It works with both the destructive and constructive beings of those realms. It is how we can take back our dominion as children of God. This is our law that protects us from hurting ourselves or the forces of the earth. From this place, we can heal ourselves, each other and the planet.

      Julia: How would one best use the angel messages for manifestation or where the miracles start to happen?

      Cynthia: Manifestation utilizes electromagnetic energy. Copper wire is used with electromagnetic energy on our planet because there is little resistance. If we apply this knowledge to the universal field, then we need to know that the greatest conductor of energy with least resistance is Divine Love.

      Balance is essential, but we also need direction. The unified field is omnipotent. It is direction that is needed to access the unified field. When we are using the brain waves with the angel messages, we are trying to create a unified wave aligned with Divine Unconditional Cosmic Love that does not resist anything.

      Whatever that you intend or visualize has to be in tune with the unified field because God is everything and God is in everything. This is the only way to overcome resistance.

      If we apply this knowledge to the universal field, then we need to know that the greatest conductor of energy is Divine Love. There is no resistance there. Our direction in creation must be to move into Divine Love.

      Divine Love will not harm anything because it is united with Divine Wisdom and Omnipresence. It will not hurt itself or cause harm because all parts equally comprise The One Being. Any resistance encountered to any thing that you want to manifest or experience is a part of you that is not aligned with Divine Love. This is Quanta and Plasma theory; we are speaking of it in spiritual and religious terms.

      Julia: Is there anything that you would like to add?

      Cynthia: The Divine Blueprint (or code) takes us into the DNA of the Universe, of creation. Each and every human being who is born on this planet has the codes of The One Being. We can all naturally experience a state of pure being and unity with the divine being and all creation, as an experience of The One; One; however as incarnations of this one being, we are all unique. There are no two fingerprints alike, no two eye prints alike, no two DNA alike. It is a paradox. It is the one in many.

      The individual expression of the codes throughout the zone girding or encompassing the earth is expression of the same, many in one. This reality is a Divine Creation. And each of us is a royal being, a manifestation of the Divine Being

      Our planet is in jeopardy. It's time to do the miracles and follow in the footsteps of the masters. As we come to back to original default settings as divine beings who have inherited the kingdom and have dominion of it, we will heal ourselves and reach enlightenment. We won't harm anything because we will be in our awakened state experiencing oneness with everything, just like the masters before.

      Anyone can do it or get it. With God's help and the help of the heavenly host, which are part of me, we are all one with anything, because we are all one with everything.

      Julia: For those interested in the angel messages or deeper study, how might one proceed?

      Cynthia: The angel messages are sent daily to 2 yahoo groups. Go to www.yahoogroups.com and type in either lovingpurelove or spiritusangelmessages. The first group has a chat feature, and the second one is only the 2 angel messages per day, the moon and the sun. They can join study groups by going to these yahoo groups and signing up at no cost. There are chimes for those who want to hear the sounds of the angels or invoke change in this way. Meditation cards with colors, virtues, notes and parts of the physical body are available. There are also computer generated astrological charts with instructions on studying the points in the chart through the messages. The Franz Bardon books contain a great deal of information on this subject and are her primary reference sources for the angel messages . There is a weekly conference call for study (www.spiritussanctus.com for schedule).

      Cynthia Schlosser

      Cynthia Schlosser facilitates the healers of the heart, the emotions and of the spirit. through techniques that are both ancient and very modern. She helped to facilitate two decades of emotional healing workshops with Dr. Michael Schlosser, who pioneered a self help trauma clearing technology for Vietnam Veterans with post traumatic stress disorder at the V.A. Medical Center in Tuskegee Alabama. Cynthia plays angel inspired music which is widely acclaimed as healing, uplifting, moving, and powerful. She is also an artist. Her paintings portray the mystical, metaphysical and spiritual principles of deeply inspired spiritual art. The two basic aspects that manifest these principles are her preoccupation with light and the organization of her works around a luminous center. She was recently reviewed in Fine Art Magazine in January of 2006. She will most likely be reviewed again in this magazine in August.

      Cynthia's paintings can be viewed at this site: www.sacredpaintings.com For more information, Cynthia Schlosser may be contacted at: spiritus@.... The group for only the angel messages is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpiritusAngelMessages

      The yahoo group for the cyberfamily study is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lovingpurelove

      Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer (and writer) who has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of people by helping them awaken their potential to create happiness, abundance, health and positive relationships. Julia's intuitive ability to see areas of energy (a person's thoughts, feelings, words, and soul) allows her to see existing belief patterns in the body or mind and heal them. Her exercises, meditations, and classes are based on the discovery of the "true self", the part of ourselves which is astonishingly beautiful, powerful and capable. She is currently creating CDs to positively change patterns in relationships, career and the physical body. To view articles, exercises and ideas, visit her website, www.onetrueself.com or for more information.

      Julia Griffin PO Box 366, Clermont, Georgia 30527

      Telephone: 770.983.1958

      Email: info@...

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