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The Power of Peace, the Only source for well being of Human kind

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  • B K
    The Power of Peace, the Only source for well being of Human kind The Soul’s Original nature is Peace and consists of other qualities, which are Purity,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2007
      The Power of Peace, the Only source for well being of Human kind
      The Soul’s Original nature is Peace and consists of other qualities, which are Purity, Knowledge, Love , Happiness, Bliss and Powers to face, judge, discriminate, accommodate, packup, cooperate, withdraw and tolerate to interact and face all types of situations including difficulties in the world.And the source to remain full with all these qualities and Powers is just by being Peaceful with our own self.
      Except the power of Peace, all other qualities and powers can be considered as expenses, in other words, they are used for Self and for others. And for rejuvenating them we have to go back to Peace.
      By being peaceful , we become  like a Battery to recharge ourselves with Soul qualities and powers
      It is generally said that people do not like being serious or silent, they like people who are always smiling and talkative. In reality if we want to attract people by our Pure love, selfless smile and sweet talk, we should accumulate the power of silence.
      If we always shower Love, keep smiling, keep advicing or talking without experiencing Silence, then it will drain our powers and also it will not create any effect on others.  It will be like using the cutter to cut the tree without sharpening the cutter time to time. So, if we are going to spend our Power by showing Love, care, smiling, talking, we should always see that we charge ourselves by experiencing Peace, by becoming introvert or Silent.
      Most of the time we come across people or situations which are beyond our control making us feel powerless, fearful, distressed, worried. Those people and situations can be easily overcome by facing those situations and people by keeping our mind calm and peaceful. By interacting being peaceful, we do not hurt others at the same time we do not get hurt by others (Neither give sorrow nor take sorrow).
      In our daily life, we come across people whom we cannot distinguish (their inner mind ) whether good or bad , happy or angry, loving or criticizing by their facial expressions, to distinguish them , we can remain peaceful and face them, so that we will bring out the right qualities from within ourselves in a very natural way to respond according to the other people state of mind. The only effort we have to make is to remain Peaceful and Respond rather than thinking of how to respond.
      By being peaceful, we get the right thoughts at the right time to perform right  actions
      Whatever be the situations, they can be very easily tackled or overcome if we are able to remain or act being peaceful
      The easy method to remain peaceful is to surrender everything (whenever worry, expectations, fear appear in mind) to God and remain in the conscious of soul, the point of light at the middle of eyebrow ( being relaxed not having the awareness of body ), even while performing actions.
      When we are peaceful , God can make use of our mind as His own  instrument.
      Being peaceful, not wasting our energy by means of waste thoughts, we keep accumulating  energy – physical and mental.
      Scientist come out with new inventions by the power of going deep into silence.
      Creativity develops by the power of silence.
      By becoming silent and remaining peaceful we can hear the silence of the room , hear the tick tick sound of clock and we can also listen to the sound of thoughts arise in others mind.
      By remaining silent , we will live in the present and with alertness.
      What is going to happen will be revealed well beforehand to our mind, by practicing Silence or by accumulating the power of Silence – peace.
      Our Peace of mind will calm the turbulence in the mind of others including the animals and nature
      Every One hour, it is recommended to remain silent for just a minute to empower ourselves with Powers
      Our effort can be only to remain peaceful at all times, you will wonder how the actions are performed by ourselves automatically in a perfect way, feeling energetic always.
      There is difference between thoughtless state of mind and peaceful state of mind. Peaceful mind is the mind which is concentrated on an action or thought being in self respect, being present in the NOW
      Human mind never keep silent unless there is constant attention, that is the reason nature has made it compulsory to go to sleep – forceful silent. By practicing peacefulness, we can even control our sleeping hours.
      Just start accumulating, using the Power of Peace and share your experience please…..       
      Now or Never.

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