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The Ooranya Kalori - Your Rainbow Message for Today - NUMBER 126 - 2 July 2007 - Its time to have a Cosmic Shower

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  • Rupunda. Moving with the Rainbow Wind an
    Radiating Compassionate Rainbow Love from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love (c)Elija Rupunda (The Ooranya Kalori)- 2 July 2007 All words and graphics may be
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      Radiating Compassionate Rainbow Love from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love

       (c)Elija Rupunda (The Ooranya Kalori)- 2 July 2007 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
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      Please share The Ooranya Kalori with all as you are guided in your heart·

      To all who have helped me with the Light Prayers and more
      Last Night in the eye of the needle I kept hearing
      Light is Not Enough
      You need a COSMIC SHOWER
      Not only you
      Everyone who wishes to be a Teacher or Awakener
      You all need a Cosmic Shower
      and you need it Regularly
      Now I have taught the Chakra Shower Exercise Many times but this goes beyond
      It activates your Wisdom Chakra
      and keeps it healthy
      Now you can have you Cosmic Shower two ways
      Visualise it and Place yourself in the Graphic in place of Melay
      In your Physical Water Shower ads you commence
      ask that your shower be
      and Visualise all the Water falling on You as Rainbow Droplets of Cosmic Love
      Your Cosmic Shower can be used whenever you wish
      (my left hand is itching as I type these words)
      As a short Visualisation to empower you in any situation you find yourself in
      or as part of your regular Shower Exercise
      So what are you waiting for
      Have a Cosmic Shower Now

      Music Playing is:Raindrops keep falling on my Head

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