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Re: << lovingpurelove >> Fwd: 7/7 Message of the Maya Elders, Somos Uno

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  • Summer Twain
    the Elders are heading to Arizona in two or three days. I don t have any particulars yet, other than keep checking sacredearthfound.org and DiosasAncianos2012
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 1, 2007
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      the Elders are heading to Arizona in two or three
      days. I don't have any particulars yet, other
      than keep checking sacredearthfound.org and
      DiosasAncianos2012 and get on the mailing list
      at shiftingages.com

      I did note however, yesterday, that the Dineh
      (Navajo) staged a big multitribal presence during
      the 2nd-half of the gathering, for the outdoor
      ceremonies, including a Dineh elder who set up
      the 'space' & orchestrated the dancing activities
      after. I wasn't formally introduced, and don't at
      the moment recall his name.


      --- Linda Quest <l_quest@...> wrote:

      Any word yet on his itinerary?

      Warm blessings, Linda Quest :)


      Millennium Twain <yonibluestar@...> wrote:

      Somos Uno -- We Are One


      Sun sets every day, said Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, yet the
      Maya never let the light go out. "We are a torch that carry's the
      light through the night." His Maya name, Wakatel Utiw translates as
      wandering wolf. The voice of the jungle, "my destiny is to be here
      with you."

      "We, the spiritual guides, we Elders, do not think about ourselves,"
      said Shaman Don Alejandro and his wife Elizabeth Araujo. The Elders
      only think of the animals and the trees, the air and the water, the
      children and the grandchildren. To reveal the words of spirit, to
      bring the message of universal respect.

      Thus they have come to share that message with every tribe, every
      nation. Now, at this time of the ending of the Fourth Sun, the
      of the Long Count, and the infinite contamination of our Mother,
      Earth. As Elizabeth Araujo translated, the contamination of our
      is now so universal, so widespread, complete and deep, "that it has
      piled to the top of the atmosphere, the top of the world, and the
      bottom of every ocean." The world's rivers, the pulsing veins that
      throughout the previous ages, delivered the life-blood of humanity
      the Earth, have gone dry. They are dead. The forests have been turned
      to desert. The land and the mountains cry, and scream out, in pain,
      shedding only dry tears. The voice of spirit, Mother's breath, the
      wind, has become hot choking dust.

      "Our planet is covered in a veil of sadness ... Take our message to
      the entire world ... Those who weep *NOW* will find solutions
      tomorrow! All things are written ... Go to the center."

      Coming together is our only solution. As Don Alejandro repeated again
      and again, "I am Maya. My part is to do the Maya part. I can only DO
      Maya. You can only do YOUR culture. Your part is of YOUR culture. You
      will only DO your part." The Maya are Maya, the Dineh are Dineh, and
      the Maori are Maori.

      Somos Muchos, Somos Uno -- We Are Many, We Are One

      Rosa Maria Cabrera, and the Elders are sharing ceremonies with all
      people. They are sharing the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.
      Roas Maria said, "The People of the Center will unite the People of
      the Eagle, of the North, with the People of the Condor, the South."
      This message, as all the messages the Elders are sharing, means
      different things to different peoples. For consumer civilization it
      means that the intellectual insights of science and industry, in
      abstraction from nature, can now be combined with the
      true-knowing- heart of divine nature, of a life in harmony with the
      living. The global spirit of the aboriginal peoples united with the
      technological peoples will now become ten times greater, the
      prophecized golden age of the Fifth Sun.

      The Prophecy equally tells of this time, five hundred years AFTER the
      beginning of the genocide, when the native peoples of North America
      can rejoin in diversity and respect, with the native peoples of South
      America. [Hands connected through the People of the Middle, of

      The message of the 'Ending' of the current Long Count, of the Year
      2012 (actually 2011 as Wakatel Utiw relates) is actually a message of
      our individual and global rebirths. "An honoring of diversity, a
      celebration of one-ness, happening NOW! [A dance already begun.]

      Together we must acknowledge the global horror, sing out the global
      forgiveness, share in the global healing. "We must all scream
      together," sang Don Alejandro.

      Un Mundo, Un Chillido -- One World, One Scream

      Chille Juntos -- Scream Together


      [30 June 2007, Ceremonies in Goddess Moon, Califa, Turtle Island.
      message (still in draft form) was transcribed and edited by
      Twain. All the mistakes are his only. As GrandFather Don Alejandro
      says, forgive me if I have offended ANY one at all. Mistakes are in
      the nature of life and communication. ]

      To be yourself gives you
      all that you need to feel fulfilled,
      all that can make your life
      meaningful, significant.
      Just being yourself and growing
      according to your nature
      will bring the fulfillment
      of your destiny.

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