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To Say Good-Bye and Good-Night for Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone for the last time tonight: I have been on line so long today (over 8 hours with only bathroom breaks) that I am really and truly getting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2007
      Hello everyone for the last time tonight:
      I have been on line so long today (over 8 hours with only bathroom breaks) that I am really
      and truly getting stressed out about now as I am tired, frustrated and hungry, so it is way
      past time for me to go.
      But before I did I just wanted to ask all of you a question.  I am really not sure how many
      yahoogrouops I subscribe to but think it is around 45 or maybe even more.  Anyway, as I
      went through all of my messages that came in yesterday, apparently after Comcast fixed its problem (I had almost 600 messages to got through to read, decide what to do with and
      respond to -- which I did before I stopped), all of the messages sent to me were sent out.  
      I noticed that on all of my messages I was getting the yahoo logo or message or whatever
      it is called on top of my messages and since I had never gotten that before, I checked out
      each message I received through yahoogroups today to see what my messages were being sent. 
      I had changed all  of mine to Traditional because I was told by someone on-line that the only way to ensure that I received all my pictures and graphics was to do that.  So many months
      ago I did that for each website I subscribe to.
      However, today when I checked into each website that I received messages from, I found
      that that yahoogroups had changed my way of receiving messages back to the New and Improved way of sending messages, without my knowledge and./or my approval.  So I was
      just wondering if this had happened to any of you or not or if it was just me.  That is just
      one of the things that took so much time today because, as I said, until I get some more
      internal memory installed, my computer is going to continue to be sluggish and run slow.
      All I want to know is why yahoogroups feels it necessary to do this when I have said on all
       of my messages that I wanted the Traditional way of receiving messages.  Why did they feel
      the need to do that and how in the world can one keep this from happening again, most
      especially to all of the groups I subscribe to at one time?  I would greatly appreciate Amy comments or suggestions because to me, this seems like a blatant violation of a person's
      rights or at least of their preferences and just wondered what could be done about this, if anything.
      To each of you, enjoy the rest of your evening, and may your night be filled with wonderful,
      blessed, restful and renewing sleep so that you can do all those things on your 'to-do' list
      tomorrow easily and effortlessly.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs.
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