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Free Celestial Timings for July 2007

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  • Ash
    I wished to pass this along before the evening is later. I hope everyone finds area of resonance with the meditations forthcoming and other events unfolding.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2007
      I wished to pass this along before the evening is later. I hope everyone finds area of resonance with the meditations forthcoming and other events unfolding. Much Peace and Love to you all, Shay

      Free Celestial Timings

      New Celestial Timings Testimonials Page thanking all who have contributed so far.
      This link takes you to the Shamanic Astrology Monthly Timings written by Students and other volunteers of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School when available.
      Click here to see the June 2007 Celestial Timings
      We are being invited to Fire The Grid on July 17 at 11:11 am Greenwich Time filling the heart of the Earth with our love and healing energy.
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      Free Sample of the July 2007 Celestial Timings

      by Cayelin K Castell

      In this Issue:
      July location of Visible Planets
      July location of Invisible Planets
      July Daily Highlights
      Sample of July Daily Timings

      Don't forget July 17 at 11:11 am GMT is the date to Fire The Grid of the Earth with our love and healing energy.
      Come join us as we engage the Cosmic Code within the land of the Magdalene in Southern France Sep 28 - Oct 8, 2007. We still have room for anyone feeling called to this experience including the mysteries linked with the Venus Temple of the Mid-night Sun and many other sacred sites. Details.
      Plus, check out the New Celestial Timings Testimonials Page...and thanking all who have contributed so far.
      Love Heals Everything!
      Dreamtime Message in May 2000

      On July 17, 2007, we are all being asked to participate in Firing the Grid of the Earth. If you aren’t aware of the Full Story and request, it is all here. And here are the main details:
      The intent is to pulse healing energy into the center of the Earth and regenerate the core, or the heart of the planet. The time has been set for 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time. That is 7:11 am EDT, 6:11 am CDT, 5:11 am MDT and 4:11 am PDT. Be sure to adjust for your time zone. The idea is to simply sit and pray or meditate for one hour during that time. Hopefully, with your help, we will amass a union of humans, such as the world has never seen. Loving humans with one intention - to heal our planet and awaken our souls to our true purpose… to become one with our Source of Light.
      For those who are choosing to participate with Firing the Grid, I have included information throughout the July Timings on working with the Violet Flame and Invocations, etc…as a few suggestions intended to inspire additional ways to meditate or pray at this time. July 1, 16 and 17 have the most concentrated information. It turns out that on July 16, we have a Moon occultation over Saturn, and on July 17, we have a Moon occultation over Regulus assisting us in activating and anchoring the light codes of the Earth and of ourselves in physical form. This is a beautiful demonstration of As Above, So Below…
      Bringing us to the fact that Regulus is moving further into the spotlight this month with Saturn moving within 4 degrees, catching up to Regulus next month, and Venus is exactly conjunct mid-month, and then stations Retrograde within three degrees on July 28 on Archangel Uriel’s feast day. So I have also included new information about Antares, Archangel Uriel, The Book of Enoch, and of course Regulus.
      Star Map of the Constellation of the
Lion This diagram shows the constellation of the Lion. The head of the Lion looks like a sickle or backward question mark that is easy to spot in the night sky. The ecliptic, the path of the planets including the Sun, is just south of Regulus about half a degree and is where we will be seeing Venus and Saturn over this next month. http://www.astro.uiuc.edu/~kaler/sow/leo-t.html
      Note: It helps to remember that all the aspects and timings mentioned here include a minimum of a three-day window…the day before, the day of and the day after. Some aspects will be felt longer and will recur over weeks or months but the three-day window always applies especially with faster moving planets. Also the days and times given for aspects are Pacific Daylight Time except where noted.
      Visible Planets
      • Sun (09 Cancer to 8 Leo) The Sun begins the month inside the Sacred Hoop moving past Castor and Pollux by mid-month and ending the month just beyond the Beehive Cluster meaning none of these stars are visible.
      • Mercury (05 Cancer to 22 Cancer) went retrograde on June 15 at 12 Cancer. On June 28 retrograde Mercury conjuncted the Sun, and on July 9 Mercury stations direct at 2Cancer29. Moon conjuncts Mercury on July 12. From July 18 to 28 Mercury is visible in the morning sky about a half hour before sunrise about 10 degrees above the horizon.
      • Venus (22 Leo to 3 Virgo) begins July less than a visual degree away from Saturn and exactly zodiacally conjunct. Venus moves closest to Regulus, heart of the Lion, July 11 -17. Venus is closet to Regulus on July 12 and 13 though both are very low on the western horizon after Sunset. On July 16 a very thin 36 hour old crescent moon appears a degree and half to the lower left of Saturn and about 6 degrees to the lower right of Venus and Saturn (both within 2 and ½ degrees of each other. Venus then goes retrograde on July 28 at 3 Virgo.
      • Mars (5 Taurus to 26 Taurus) is increasing in brightness this month coming up just before 2 am as the month begins and rising around 12:45 am by month’s end. Mars is passing by the head of Cetus, the Whale, on its way toward the Pleiades passing by early August. The Moon passes by Mars exact on July 9.
      • Jupiter (to 11Sag53 to 10Sag00) is continuing its retrograde journey back toward Antares, the heart of the Scorpion within less than one zodiacal degree by month’s end but appearing to be about 5 degrees from Antares visually. Jupiter and Antares are hanging low in the southeastern sky.
      • Saturn (22Leo22 to 25Leo49) is on its way to conjunct Regulus, the heart of the Lion by late August. Venus and Saturn are meeting in council as the month begins. Saturn disappears from view by end of month.
      • Moon (goes through all the signs in a month starting the month in Capricorn and ending it in Aquarius).The waning crescent Moon visits Mars on July 9. Moon conjuncts Mercury on July 12 visible in the morning sky on July 13. Then the waxing crescent New Moon passes Saturn July 16, Venus and Regulus July 17. The Moon passes Jupiter and Antares July 25.
      Invisible Planets
      • Uranus (18Pisces40 to 18Pisces09) retrograded June 23 at 18Pisces41 and stations Direct on Nov 24 at 14Pisces46.
      • Neptune (21Aquarius41 to 21Aquarius00) Neptune retrograded May 24 and stations Direct on Oct 31 at 19Aquarius15.
      • Pluto (27Sag19 to 26Sag39) retrograded on March 31 and stations Direct on Sep 7 at 26Sag18 and opposes Sun June 19 at 27Gemini38.
      • Chiron (14Aquarius47 to 13Aquarius20) retrograded on May 21 at 15Aquarius41 and stations Direct on Oct 20 at 10Aquarius28.
      The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower is hindered by bright waxing Moon until later in the evening and is strongest showing around July 26.
      Venus and Saturn in conjunction
      On the evenings of June 30th and July 1st, Venus and Saturn will be a striking pair in the western sky. http://skytonight.com/observing/highlights/5027311.html
      July 1, Sunday. Venus conjuncts Saturn, Moon moves into Aquarius
      July 2, Monday. More on Jupiter and Antares
      July 3, Tuesday. Moon occults Neptune
      July 4, Wednesday. Independence Day for the USA. Moon moves into Pisces
      July 5, Thursday. Moon conjuncts Uranus
      July 6, Friday. Moon moves into Aries and Earth is farthest from the Sun (aphelion) in yearly cycle
      July 7, Saturday. Aries Last Quarter Moon (15 Aries)
      July 8, Sunday. Moon moves into Taurus, Venus trines Pluto
      July 9, Monday. Moon conjuncts Mars, Mercury stations Direct
      July 10,Tuesday. Moon moves into Gemini
      July 11, Wednesday. Sun trines Uranus
      July 12, Thursday. Moon moves into Cancer and conjuncts Mercury
      July 13, Friday. Today opens the Cancer New Moon window
      July 14, Saturday. Cancer New Moon (22 Cancer) near the fixed star Pollux, Venus moves into Virgo
      July 15, Sunday. Moon moved into Leo late last night.
      July 16, Monday. Moon occults Saturn for the 7th time this year.
      July 17, Tuesday. Moon conjunct Venus
      July 18, Wednesday. More on Venus and Regulus
      July 19, Thursday. Moon moves into Libra
      July 20, Friday. Mars sextiles Uranus, Mercury (7 Cancer) reaches greatest elongation, 20 degrees, from Sun in Morning Star appearance
      July 21, Saturday. This is the second First Quarter Moon in Libra (29 Libra), last one was June 22 at (1 Libra)
      July 22, Sunday. Magdalene Feast Day. Sun enters Leo, Moon enters Scorpio
      July 23, Monday. Scorpio Moon activates the Grand Cross
      July 24, Tuesday. Moon enters Sagittarius. Mars squares Neptune
      July 25, Wednesday. Moon conjunct Jupiter
      July 26, Thursday. Moon conjunct Pluto and Moon goes into Capricorn
      July 27, Friday. Venus stations Retrograde
      July 28, Saturday. Mercury Trines Uranus, Archangel Uriel’s feast day.
      July 29, Sunday. Aquarius Full Moon (6 Aquarius)
      July 30, Monday. Moon occults Neptune for the second time this month.
      July 31, Tuesday. Moon moves into Pisces, Mars squares Saturn.
      Daily Timings
      July 1, Sunday. With the Moon moving into Aquarius and Venus conjunct Saturn (22 Leo), this is time for restructuring our physical being so that we are more fully living the divinity that we truly are. One of the gifts available to assist in this restructuring process is the Violet Flame as given to us through the teachings of Saint Germain. This quote from the book, The Gnosis and the Law, by Tellis S. Papastavro describes the importance of invoking the Violet Flame through Decree and forgiveness.
      Primarily, the Violet Transmuting Flame, though as a unit, may and does act independently, yet it is a part and parcel of the Cosmic Sacred Fire which is God's pure energy. To manifest itself, should be invoked through a "Decree", from one's own Christ Self or through any Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy or Cosmic Being that has particularly dedicated Himself or Herself to this especial service. Usually These Beings belong to the Seventh Ray.

      When it (the Violet Flame) is called into action by invocation and starts manifesting itself, it accelerates the vibratory action of the electrons which make up the atoms which compose the four lower vehicles of the individual. As this acceleration takes place, the cells and atoms automatically throw off the effluvia consciously or unconsciously gathered through the ages. As they dislodge themselves, they fall into the Sacred Fire, where, purified, are returned to the individual with the required specific God quality. The time required for the transmutation depends upon the amount of the effluvia, the faith with which the effort is done and the perseverance of the individual.
      But for the accomplishment of this, it is more than necessary that the feeling and mental world of the individual should fully cooperate in the performance. This performance is one of mercy, compassion and forgiveness, and the Violet Fire dissolves imperfect energy, when it is accompanied with the actual feeling of Forgiveness for your own mistakes and those of others. When we do not forgive, we should not ask or expect to be forgiven. Forgiveness is the great alchemy through which we can draw the blessing of the Sacred Fire, not only on us but on all mankind. The "I AM" Presence of every individual, even the most depraved, desires perfection for that individual; and when you call to the "I AM" Presence "of all mankind" and ask the Violet Flame to blaze through them and forgive their mistakes, it enables that "I AM" Presence to go into action, when perhaps it has been many centuries since it has been called upon and thus given permission to assist that life stream.
      Thus we can see that for the service and benefits of the Sacred Fire, we must give and forgive; we must harmonize our world and our acts to conform to the Laws of God.
      I learned the first part of the Violet Flame decree below in the 1970s and what I remember is it came from the “I AM Discourses” by Saint Germain. Inspired by the above information I added versus on forgiveness, clarity and beauty. Feel free to add or change this in whatever way inspires you.
      I AM a being of Violet Fire. I AM the purity God desires. I AM a being of Violet Fire. I AM the clarity God inspires. I AM a being of Violet Fire. I AM the forgiveness God desires. I AM a being of Violet Fire. I AM the beauty God inspires.
      July 2, Monday. As Jupiter makes it way back to the fixed star Antares, heart of the Scorpion, our attention is drawn to the myth and lore associated with this royal Behenian star also linked with Archangel Uriel. July 28 is celebrated as the feast day of Uriel, also known as the Angel of Light. Uriel directs the initiatory teachings that unite the mysteries of the Heavens as they relate to the Earth as evidenced in the Book Uriel’s Machine by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.
      Uriel’s Machine discusses the known origins of the Book of Enoch that were discovered and translated by James Bruce in about 1762. In 1947, nine more copies of the Book of Enoch were found at Qumran within the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Book of Enoch has a section called “Book of Heavenly Luminaries” describing how Uriel teaches Enoch all the secrets of the stars and planets as they related to the Earth. Here is a passage with Enoch describing his experience.
      And they brought me to a place of darkness, and to a mountain the point of whose summit reached to Heaven. And they showed me all the secrets of the ends of the Heaven, and all the chambers of all the stars, and all the luminaries, whence they proceed before the face of the Holy Ones.
      And I saw six portals in which the Sun rises, and six portals in which the Sun sets. Six in the east and six in the west and all following each other in accurately corresponding order; also many windows to the right and left of these portals….
      As Jupiter is activating and expanding the mysteries of Antares this year, and as we experience two more Moon occultations over Antares on July 25, and November 11, we have an opportunity to receive direct transmissions of insight and inspiration from Antares. Visually connecting with and tuning into Antares whenever possible assists in receiving the transmissions. It may also be useful to invite the mysteries of Antares to help inform your experience through the guidance of Archangel Uriel.
      July 3, Tuesday. The waning Moon occults Neptune today revealing what is hidden within us and the power of imaging and setting our intention or prayers without attachment to the results. Our prayers are a key element in the co-creative process, and understanding our hidden thoughts and feelings that direct our prayers helps us to uncover what we are really setting into motion. In Neale Donald Walsh’s book, Conversations With God, we are reminded that no prayer ever goes unanswered, but what we may not realize is that every thought and every feeling is creative. When we pray it is the strongest held thoughts and feelings that drive the prayer. The secret, we are told, is the “thought behind the thought,” or what is termed the “Sponsoring Thought” that has the most power in becoming reality. Prayers of advanced gratitude without attachment to the results help to guide this conscious, co-creative process. (See May 2007 Celestial Timings archives.)
      Conversations with God reminds us:

      The process of prayer becomes much easier when, rather than having to believe that God will always say “yes” to every request, one understands intuitively that the request itself is not necessary. Then the prayer is a prayer of thanksgiving. It is not a request at all, but a statement of gratitude for what is so!!!
      July 4, Wednesday. Independence Day for the USA. This historic day anchored a conscious intention of Independence for all people and was inspired by the anagram for America: “I Am Race.” This suggests one of the original divine intentions for the land of the Americas is to support the freedom and independence of the pure expression of the “I Am” quality within every individual. Are we living freedom and independence expressing the divine “I Am” that we are and supporting others in doing the same?
      Each year around July 4 the Sun zodiacally aligns with the fixed star Sirius, the brightest fixed star in our sky. Sirius is invisible now due to its proximity to the Sun. Through the doorway of the Sun, the Sirian mysteries are being illuminated and energized. Sirius was described as “the Great Star of Initiation” by M. Temple Richmond in his book Sirius. Richmond suggests entering “humbly and reverentially into meditative contemplation of Sirius, the custodian of occult mystery, for in contemplating this great star-being, we encounter a sacred source of transcendence.”
      The Sun with Sirius was a part of the guiding force that founded the United States of America and the ideals of a nation that support living freedom for all. The United States government often falls far short of this foundational vision and yet there are many U.S. Citizens committed to responsibly living and expressing the ideals and principles of freedom for all, keeping the vision alive. As the Sun and Sirius move toward their exact alignment on July 6, this is a time for remembering and renewing our commitment to living freedom in ways that celebrate and support the whole of life.
      The Moon moves into Pisces in the early morning hours inspiring our dreaming process through the creative use of our imagination. Consciously choosing where we focus our thoughts and dreaming energies is a key to the co-creative process. Healthy Pisces enjoys mystically connecting with the Divine and simply serves all life through loving compassion. When Pisces is out of balance, it expresses through co-dependency, and the inability to know its own feelings and experience, because it is too empathically attuned to others who are close to them. It helps when Pisces can direct their service towards taking care of themselves first. Then from a place of balance these mystical dreamers serve life in a way that is most supportive and beneficial to all.
      Other Resources not already mentioned:
      The Astronomical Calendar 2007 by Guy Ottewel
      The Celestial Guide 2007 by Jim Maynard
      Cayelin is available for personal readings. See the Summer Reading Special on the Readings page.
      Note: The Free Celestial Timings listed on this page are available for sharing or quoting as long as you give author credit with a direct link back to this page. The Paid Subscriber Celestial Timings are NOT available except in special circumstances with specific written permission. You can call me at 262-567-0657 or 520-744-6923 or email Thank you for your support of this work.
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      Cayelin and NancyA Sacred Journey Activating the Celestial & Earthly Portals Of The Magdalene with Cayelin Castell and Nancy Safford

      Contact Cayelin 262-567-0657 Sept. 28 to Oct. 8, 2007 (This is an intimate journey for 14 participants and we do still have space)

      Full details are on accessible on the events page or click here

      Lauren and CayelinOct 17 - 21, 2007 Chapel Hill, NC Shamanic Timeline and Planetary Complexes Training

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      Full Details are on the events page. Be sure to check out the Early Registration Discounts.
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