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  • Debra
    Dear Polly, Thanks for sharing this : ) Thank you all for sharing many beautiful words, visuals and so much more to this loving message board. Love Debra At
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 30, 2002
      Dear Polly,

      Thanks for sharing this : )  

      Thank you all for sharing many beautiful words, visuals and so much more to this loving message board. 


      At 08:33 PM 11/1/02 -0800, you wrote:
      Dear Soleira,
      Yes, this description sounds like the "new me". 
      Thank you for putting this out.  I'm sending a copy back to Joie, and to everyone on the Lovingpurelove e-mail group.
      Blessings of Sweet Love ~ ~ ~
      Sent: Friday, November 01, 2002 6:31 PM

      this sure speaks to me ... how about you?
      like i wrote to soleira, it makes my belly grin ...
      email soleira and let her know ...
      loving us all, joie


      From: "Soleira Green" <Soleira@...>
      Subject: Global Creatives update # 37
      Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002

      Global Creatives update # 37

      November 1st, 2002


      Four months ago we started an e-course called "Living Beyond the
      Veil...Source-creating a new humanity."  Today I'm very clear that there's a
      new human being walking the world right now!

      Ten months ago I wrote an e-book called "The Keys to the Kingdoms of
      Being...Journeys for the creation of mega-being."  Today I'm very clear that
      we've gone beyond mega to collossUS.

      How would you know if you're one of these new humans?  Those of us who are
      experiencing this collossUS shift are saying:

      *  We no longer feel alone in the world ... we feel connected to all of us
      all the time.

      *  We've made the shift from 'me' to 'WE.'  We no longer look at ourselves
      as small, individual, separate human beings.  We see ourselves as a
      profound, world-changing, living consciousness collective.

      *  We've stopped working on ourselves and started working on the evolution
      of life as we know it.

      *  We feel HUGE ... collossUS is exactly the word for it.  Our consciousness
      expands to cover cosmoses and we know that whatever is needed next, we can
      and will provide.

      *  We experience life in the hyper-speed grace lanes.  Life's experiences
      are no longer chaotic to us.  With wisdom and knowing, all things can be

      *  We are in charge of the reality we live in and we are at work on the
      collective reality creation for a whole new world.

      *  We know and live wholeness, both within ourselves and in our
      relationships to others.

      *  We recognise greatness in others and call it forth at every opportunity.

      * We know that we are global citizens and we have already started living as

      *  We speak and write for something much greater than ourselves.  The voice
      of the new people of the new Earth is rising.  It sings across the internet
      more and more, every single day.

      A new reality is well and fully in existence folks and in it the new human
      being is doing just fine!  We do more than just get along.  We love
      connecting with one another.  We thrill to the next newest piece of work
      that we can create together.  We settle conflict with great ease.  We're ok
      with someone being angry because we know that's the expression of their
      passion and underneath it is a profound commitment to something huge.  We
      smile at our fears and know that it is just the next call into our own
      leadership.  We do not judge ourselves.  We simply do the very best we can
      in each and every moment.  We communicate beyond words, using telepathy as
      our second language.

      It's not just our new children that are our representatives of a new
      humanity.  It's us...you and you and me!  We're it.  We've already made it.
      The shift has already happened folks!  You've arrived in that new era that
      you've been waiting for for so long.  Your DNA has altered, your cells are
      changed, your energy system has shifted.  The new human being is alive and
      well and walking the face of the Earth today!

      I want to know just how many of us there are out there now.  If you're one
      of these people, would you send me an email (Soleira@...) so I
      can do a count.  It's time the world understands the true force of this

      For creation....and evolution......

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      *       *       *        *        *        *        *       *

      ~ Thanking Us All for All That We Are ~

      With Blessings and Love,

      Joie and Our Rainbow Councils


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