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To Share Words from My 'Angels all Around Us' Desk Calendar

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone again: Today for some reason, I was led to share some messages from this little desk calendar that focuses on children. Don t ask me why
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2007
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      Hello everyone again:
      Today for some reason, I was led to share some messages from this little desk calendar that focuses on children.  Don't ask me why because all I am doing is following my intuition and today -- I was told by my guardian angels or inner guide that this was a good idea.
      The first message is:
      "A lot of gifted kids are angels who are on this earth with responsibilities to help others.'
      ----- Linda Silverman
      The next message deals with cherubim, who are really angels who are depicted as children and informs us that:
      "The cherubim are the first angels  mentioned in the Bible, when they are placed by God
      at the gates of Eden
      to prevent Adam and Eve from returning to the garden."
      ---- James R, Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver,
      Angels A to Z
      And the last for today deals with fairies and little people and it tells us:
      "And the love song of the heavens steals upon the wearied ear;
      Sweeter than the angels; whispers that the little people hear;
      And the wanderer, overstriven, humbled as a little child;
      Knows the past is all forgiven, and his God is reconciled;
      When then around his faltering footsteps comes the blessing, of the dove,
      From the fairest world of any, from the home of peace and love."
      ----- Cooper Willis,
      "The Land of Little People"
      I again loved these messages today, but then, what can I say? I am most definitely prejudiced, because I love all kinds of messages and thoughts from or about the angels.  My hope is that at least some of you out there enjoy them as well.
      The graphic, of course, shows a depiction of Jesus with children from all parts of the world, reminding us all that one thing we are reminded of in the Bible is that Jesus had a very special love for all the children in the world and entrusts them to us, hoping that we will give them the same love He feels for them and that He gives to us, the children of God.
      Again, continue to enjoy your day.  Well, the rain finally stopped.  While I am not sure how much we got, I think we might have got enough to do a little good anyway.  At least my grass is still wet, so, hopefully, it got enough to do it some good, at least.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Today's message gives me an opportunity to use this song 'Everything is Beautiful from Ray Stevens, a song with such special words, making it one of my favorites.  Enjoy!
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