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Entering Sacred Space

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    Subj: Thought for the Day  Date: 11/1/02 5:03:33 AM US Mountain Standard Time From: Eman8tions BCC:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
      Subj: Thought for the Day 
      Date: 11/1/02 5:03:33 AM US Mountain Standard Time
      From: Eman8tions
      BCC: JDA Inti Ra

      To enter sacred space is a beautiful process. To find rituals, thoughts, and actions that help to create that beauty is powerful.

      When we do things that remind us who and what we are, we grow into those feelings more and more deeply. The actions create energy and intensity for the beautiful quest.

      And beautiful is not a word that can be overused here. Let it take you to what it means, beauty.

      We create atmospheres constantly. We are always generating some kind of feeling whether we are conscious of it or not.

      When we become conscious and create, we become more in tune with that which we desire. It is our thoughts that can lift us over any obstacle. The mind is an instrument of freedom, choice, and it can liberate the spirit when it makes choices that transcend our feelings.

      Heart or mind can be lost easily in the chaos of the agonizing events of the human experience. But they can be regained by going back to, remembering, what was beautiful. Mind makes the choice. Heart guides. We return.

      Or we could say Heart makes the choice. Mind guides. For we are one, really, aspects merging, touching, hoping, yearning, loving.

      So mind guides me in this moment, making decisions, leading me to light the incense, say a prayer, remember the oneness and enter it. I touch the drum lightly. Buddha's face smiles quietly, serenely on my desk. Christ lights me from within. So many friends.

      The familiar energy gathers in the smell of sandalwood.

      All is one.

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      11/1/2002, St. Louis, MO

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