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Dr.Helen Caldicott on women leading a nurturing revolution

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      >Caldicott offers a contrary view
      >Randall Beach, Register Staff October 06, 2002
      >NEW HAVEN - Anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott declared Saturday it's
      >time for women to rise up and lead a "nurturing revolution" against
      >male-dominated militarism.
      >"In my 64 years of life, I've never seen a time more dangerous to the
      >planet," Caldicott said during a speech at the annual Southern Connecticut
      >State University Women's Studies Conference.
      >Caldicott has spent the last 30 years talking about medical hazards
      >associated with the nuclear age. A native of Australia, she founded
      >Physicians for Social Responsibility and was nominated for the Nobel Peace
      >Caldicott freely described her passionate remarks as a "rant," but the
      >predominantly female audience applauded her views and laughed at her
      >colorful language.
      >Caldicott said she was wearing black "because it suits what's happening in
      >the world right now."
      >She said she thinks often of Iraqi women feeding their children and worries
      >about the Bush administration's plan to invade that country to overthrow its
      >leader, Saddam Hussein.
      >"In a few weeks, shards of metal will be slicing through their bodies," she
      >warned, envisioning an invasion. "How dare America do a thing like that?"
      >Caldicott said it is "very unlikely" Hussein has chemical or biological
      >She also castigated the Bush administration for attacking Afghanistan last
      >year after Sept. 11. She said 5,000 Afghan citizens were killed but she
      >asserted they were not connected to the attacks on the World Trade Center
      >and Pentagon.
      >Caldicott charged older men plot war "to get that feeling of virility back."
      >But she said it's the young men who have to do the fighting.
      >She said militaristic leaders "pick an enemy and say, 'If you don't want to
      >go to war, you're unpatriotic.' Isn't that what's happening?"
      >Now, with Congress expected to endorse Bush's resolution authorizing war
      >against Iraq, Caldicott said, "The Democrats are pathetic" for not resisting
      >such plans.
      >Weary of seeing members of the conservative Heritage Foundation on TV talk
      >shows, Caldicott said she will set up a public policy group to counter their
      >"It's time the American people heard the truth," she said.
      >Caldicott concluded by calling for women to lead "a nurturing, caring
      >"Take back your country," she said. "It's up to you now, isn't it?"
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