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To Share Final Mesage of Today With You -- Message from Agnels McGerr's Gold and Silver Guardian Agnel Cards and Book of AngelsAmesasgei

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: I had not even really thought much about the fact that I was using two different cards decks from Angela McGerr, until I picked out the cards
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2007
      Hello everyone:
      I had not even really thought much about the fact that I was using two different cards decks from Angela McGerr, until I picked out the cards at the same time yesterday.  So to keep from inundating all of you with so much info from one person, I decided to send one card from one deck one day and a card from the other deck the next day, which is what I am doing now.
      The angel card I drew today from this book was the one on Jofiel who is the Guardian Angel of Jobs and Roles.  Call on this angel to find the right job or role in life at any time you need his assistance.  I tried to insert this graphic of Jofiel (or Jophiel) into this message every way I know how to do, but nothing made it insert into this message.  So I am attaching a copy for those who want to view a graphic of him.wish to do so.
      It took me almost an hour yesterday to even find this website, so I do hope that  those of you who have not viewed this image before will link into it.  If you do not want to do so, that is perfectly okay.
      Be that as it may, Jofiel goes on to tell us:
      "Everything in this world is in the charge of an angel, and happens for a purpose, although you sometimes only perceive this purpose in retrospect.  (Boy! could that statement be any more true?)
      And now for the rest of Jofiel's message for today, which is:
      "Look beyond the obvious to understand the current lesson you have been given to learn. The wisdom, protection and luck I bring are to guide you in finding the right job or role in your life.  Perhaps you are feeling unhappy or uncomfortable in your present position, whether at home or at work.  However, I ask that you take the time to consider what you are learning from your role or your job, remember that often what you dislike in o0pthers is but a reflection of what you are yourself.  Give the situation a little more time, with as much grace as possible.  My loving energy helps your acceptance for just a while longer, for soon, new prospects will arise for you.
      "Start to make something happen.  Place my name somewhere nearby so that you can see it daily, and ask me to bring my golden energy to you, to guide and focus your thoughts and steps toward a brand new opportunity.  Try to be patient, for there may be several different options about to present themselves to you, so you will have to choose from among them.  Invite me, then to bring loving support, aiding you to make the right choice, the one that is for your best and highest god.  As you take up the next challenge with energy and enthusiasm, my love will flow in and around you to add to your self-confidence.  You will put what you have learned in the past to good effect and grow in experience and wisdom as you work toward your real or higher life purpose."
      Great message for us all, and as for me, this is a name I am going to try to keep close by, just in case I might need it some  time.
      Again, enjoy your evening and may your night be filled with peace and serenity and may it end with a night of blessed, renewing and rejuvenating sleep.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs to all,
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