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Simply, the present moment - 3 gemstones

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  • Gaele Arnott
    Separation of thought is also parallel thought. They are one and the same. You are separate but ONE. We are all separate, but of the ONE. Gaele Arnott (c)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2007
      Separation of thought is also parallel thought.
      They are one and the same.
      You are separate but ONE.
      We are all separate, but of the ONE.
      Gaele Arnott (c) "Essays of the Soul"
      Prosperity, Protection, Perception
      On a clear day across these 'mountains' and through the mists, it's possible (not easy) to see where I live in Brisbane. (They are about 75 kms or 50 miles north of my house)
      This view is from Maleny which is part of the Flinders Range running parallel to the coastline of Queensland and into northern New South Wales here in Australia.
      The 'mountains' you can see in the graphic are known as The Glasshouse Mountains.
      Named by Captain Cook as he explored the eastern coastline of Australia in 1770 because they reflected like glass. Captain Cook is the first reported European to mention the landforms.
      They are volcanic plugs from volcanoes long extinct.
      In my schooldays we were told that Australia's landmass was so old that no volcanoes were 'alive'. Of course since then there have been active eruptions as our earth does evolve and change.
      I share the picture of these mountains as a part of the story for the 3 gemstones I share today.
      Some weeks ago I 'lost' my key ring with all my keys - house keys, post box, car as well as the locks of my suitcases. They hid themselves well and truly from sight.
      Last Wednesday as I went to close the garage door there were the keys sitting quite happily with three friends, a piece of Agate, Rhodonite and Obsidian.
      As I picked up the keys and stones the telephone rang with my son in London calling. Of course being me, I connected the stones, my son and the keys as being part of the ongoing 3 Blind Mice puzzle.
      To me it says that we are always protected from the old as well as the new.
       If we begin to look then we really do begin to see.
      Prosperity is ours if we only can recognise it.
      The aboriginal legends for the meaning of the Glasshouse mountains also allow us to see that our perception of how everything really is and can be is changed if we run away from the 'facts'. Truth must and needs be our own truth. We need to stand tall in our own knowledge of what is right and wrong for us. If we close our eyes and ears to what is around us we perform only as is expected of us. When we begin to understand and live in our truth, then we begin to walk in the shoes as gifted by the Soul to the physical self.
      it is in love from my heart and soul to your heart and soul
      Gaele Arnott , from here in Brisbane, Australia on Monday June the 18th, 2007
         Wo Oh Ni Ai  (I love You)
      Thankyou for all the enquiries as to why I haven't been posting the last couple of weeks-  I'm not sick just very busy with lots of visitors
      AGATE: Agates are multi-banded colorful stones that occur in volcanic lava. Found in an amazing variety of patterns, it’s believed to be a powerful healing stone and fortifier. Agate symbolizes the third eye. In antiquity, it was worn as an amulet and believed to be the stone of prosperity.  
      OBSIDIAN: In the Stone Age, it was used to make weapons and arrowheads; obsidian is formed from volcanic lava and comes in brown, gray, black and spotted--as in snowflake obsidian. A protection stone, obsidian deflects negativity and sends it back to its source; also believed to help alleviate anxiety attacks.
      RHODONITE: In antiquity, rhodonite was given to travelers as a protective stone. Believed to be a stone of change, it symbolizes self-realization and helps us make the right decisions on new beginnings in life. Pink rhodonite with its dark inclusions also protects against all kinds of anxieties.
      Between 25-20 million years ago there was widespread volcanic activity in parts of NE NSW and SE Qld. Much of this activity produced widespread basaltic lava flows while in other areas, steep peaks of harder rocks survive. Mt Warning, Main Range and the Glasshouse Mountains are just three of the volcanic centres from this era. The cause is believed to be the melting of crust above a 'hot spot' in the mantle below.
      The remarkable Glass House Mountains are a series of steep-sided volcanic plugs which dominate the landscape of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. They are formed of rhyolite and trachtyte, lavas which hardened inside the vents of tertiary volcanoes that have been greatly reduced by about 25 million years of erosion.

      Mount Beerwah is the highest peak, at 555 metres. Coonowrin (377 metres), Ngungan (253 metres) and Tibrogargan (364 metres) are preserved within National Park land and offer fine opportunities for bushwalking, abseiling and picnicking.

      According to Aboriginal legend Tibrogargan (which is 364 m high) the father and Beerwah (at 555 m the highest of all the peaks) the mother, had a number of children of whom Coonowrin (377 m - the narrow and most dramatic of all the volcanic plugs) was the eldest, Tunbubudla were the twins (293 m and 312 m), Coochin (235 m), Ngungun (253 m), Tibberoowuccum (220 m), Miketeebumulgrai (199 m) and Elimbah (129 m).

      The legend tells of Tibrogargan noticing that the sea was rising and calling out to Coonowrin to help his pregnant mother gather the young children together so that the family could flee from the rising sea. Coonowrin ran away in fear and Tibrogargan, incensed by his son's cowardice, followed and hit him so hard with a club that his neck was dislocated. When the seas retreated the family returned to the plains. Conowrin, teased about his crooked neck and ashamed of his behaviour, went to Tibrogargan and asked for forgiveness but the father just wept with shame. Conowrin then approached his brothers and sisters to ask forgiveness but they too could only weep with shame, thus explaining the area's many small streams.

      Tibrogargan then called Conowrin and asked why he had failed to help Beerwah. He explained that he felt she was big enough to look after herself, though he did not know she was pregnant. Tibrogargan then turned his back on his son and still gazes out to sea today, refusing to look at his son who forever hangs his crooked neck and cries. Beerwah, the mother, is still pregnant, as it takes time to give birth to a mountain.

      Today the area around the mountains produces tropical fruits such as papaws, strawberries, avocados and passionfruit, as well as vegetables, macadamia nuts and tobacco. http://walkabout.com.au/locations/QLDGlassHouseMountains.shtml

       The midi playing is:  Zing went my heart
      There is no commercial interest by me in any midis shared. It is my intent that the music is used to enhance the healing within the message and  graphic shared with you. If  you enjoyed this music, please support the artists by purchasing their music
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      If you were unable to see the graphics in this post they are  archived at:
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      The midi playing is: 
      There is no commercial interest by me in any midis shared. It is my intent that the music is used to enhance the healing within the message and  graphic shared with you. If  you enjoyed this music, please support the artists by purchasing their music
      The Peace Candle
      I ask that you join me, Gaele each day at your dinner hour (evening meal) in lighting a candle together, so that we as One People may join voices together for Peace On Earth.
      Peace will come when we are all free to love with compassion each other, as One family, without the constrictions of past beliefs. Together we can create a reality free of fear, greed and manipulation, where all people in all lands may have the freedom to move freely in joyful harmony.
      spelling used in this article is Australian English and is checked with the Australian Macquarie Dictionary
          © Gaele Arnott June 2007
          Permission is given to share this post. Please leave all credits intact.

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